The Nag: The Next Generation


Jeff and I have a longstanding disagreement. I maintain that I don’t actually enjoy being a nag and he insists that I love it. Why else would I constantly do it, he asks. Because I have to, I argue. Obviously.

How else would the trash get taken out or the light bulb get changed or the car get filled with gas? They wouldn’t. But would I rather they get done the first time I asked? Of course I would. Obviously.

But, the role of nag is exhausting even for the nagger, and just once, it would be nice to know my husband’s ETA so I could properly plan dinner without asking him ten times when he plans on leaving work.

Seems I’m not the only one who thinks so…

The Nag: The Next Generation

The Nag: The Next Generation

The Nag: The Next Generation

I knew there would be a silver lining to enabling texting on Lily’s iPod!

Of course, I haven’t completely lost my reputation…

The Nag: The Next Generation

But at least I’m not alone in the role anymore.

Watch out, Jeff. She learned from the best.

P.S. Take out the damn recycling.


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    Exhaustomom says

    Texting is a godsend when you have teenagers (I have 2 teen girls) it allows me to nag, try to be humorous, keep tabs, and keep in touch without having to actually see the eye rolling.They also cannot pretend they are not checking the phone every minute so there is no escaping me. One daughter has actually admitted that I am sometimes funny…. With a delay.

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  2. 3

    Audrey says

    I hope that my daughters will marry guys who don’t have to be asked 40 times to do something (yes, the baskets of folded laundry are still sitting on his side of the bed and I’m going to keep putting them there til he f****ing puts the clothes away! GRRRRR.) After all, no one has to ask me to wash, dry and fold it!

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    Arnebya says

    I secretly adore that my 12-year-old has already taken on the role of advocating for daddy to simply do the shit mommy asked be done. It’s incredibly warming to see his face as she gives him the “OK, can you? Can you now? Can you now? Wait, can you now?” with the wonderful, unspoken, but clearly implied, “Damn. It ain’t that hard.” Aaaaaaaah. Warming. And their texts? She completes me.

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  4. 7

    Cherees says

    It sounds just like us. I always feel like the one that had to be nagging and following through with consequences. I always feel like the bad guy in our house and I really think that my exchange students hate me because they are always breaking the rules and I am the only one that follows through.

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  5. 8

    My Half Assed Life says

    My mother always joked that she never nagged my father. She just asked once in my hearing and then I did the rest.

    But seriously, nobody enjoys being a nag. Either do it the first time I ask or be up front and say you have no intentions of doing whatever I asked you to do.

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      misanthropope says

      better to be single than nagged. there never has been, and never will be, a person so amazing you can’t find one just as amazing who will treat you with respect.

      if she’s nagging you because you’re a freeloader, you’ll realize it when she’s not there, and you’ll grow the hell up and be a better person for it. if she’s nagging you because, well, that’s how women do their dominance bullshit, you’ll be *amazed* how much happier you are with her gone.

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  6. 10

    Kelly says

    Hahaha. I was just thinking last night, “would anythig get done if I didn’t nag?” I’m super pumped to hear that I can raise a future nagging assistant ;-)

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  7. 11

    Kristen Brakeman says

    I am guilty of nagging even from work! I send texts about taking out the trash, doing homework, sending thank you notes. I bet my kids sometimes wish that they didn’t have that phone they begged for!

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