The Perfect Hair


The Perfect Hair

I went to high school with a girl who had the perfect hair. It was long and straight and brown and shiny and everything my mass of frizzy hair was not. I sat behind her in French class and would day dream about what it would be like to have hair that could be easily thrown under a baseball cap, or brushed in three seconds. It looked great in a braid or a pony tail or just cascading down her back. It was perfect. In my next life, I wanted straight brown hair just like hers.

But, I didn’t have to wait that long. Lily was born with dark brown hair that has grown into the most enviable head of hair I’ve seen on a kid. It’s super thick and shiny, and manages to look beautiful and tangle free barely being brushed.

But, last night she proclaimed: Straight hair is boring. I hate it. Will you put my hair in braids and I’ll take them out when I wake up?

You want curly hair, I asked, hopefully? It would be so poetic if she longed for hair like mine after I’d lusted after hair like hers my whole life. Is that how it works? We girls will never be happy with the card we’re dealt. Oh, the irony.

Nooooo! Not like yours, she gasped. Like mine, just a little wavy. You know, pretty.

Well, then.

So that’s how it works.


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    Tanya says

    Laugh/snort. Perfect. I love kids! I agree with Jess you’ve obviously done something right because she’s confident and happy with herself. And her hair is gorgeous, as is yours! I love curly hair, probably because mine is ramrod straight.

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    Lessons in Life and Light says

    How funny–I posted about hair today too!

    I’ve always liked my hair, but like most girls with straight hair, sometimes I wish I had some curl! Just because it can feel so boring. It’s true what they say…in fact, I think there’s even a song about straight haired girls wanting curly hair and curly haired girls wanting straight hair. Either way, it just comes down to the fact that women are obviously never satisfied. LOL!

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    Alisa says

    I have straight hair and have always wanted curly hair. My office mate at work has beautiful brown curly hair. I stare at the back of her head half the day and jealously! I think this is the case for every woman. We always want what we lack, whether it is hair type/color, those arms, those boobs, ass, whatever. So I feel your pain and I am sure so do millions of other women.

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    tracy says

    Oh the age-old grass is greener. ..and while I am not much of a believer – I do believe someone is giving us these gifts.

    I am a girl with stick, straight brown long hair that I HATE. I always wanted the waves of my mother. Guess what my firstborn has – beautiful curls. Ahhh. (and yes, she hates them)
    Love this.

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  5. 10

    annie says

    I used to have perfect hair then it fell out and now i look like i have pubic hair on my head. I’m thinking of shaving my daughter’s head in her sleep and making myself a wig. would that be bad parenting?

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