The Preschoolers Guide to Hide and Seek


hide and seek

#1: Tell your Mom EXACTLY where you are hiding. Example: “Mommy!! I am hiding in the baaaaaathrooooooom!”

#2: Giggle very loudly while you wait for someone to find you. Brace yourself! For some reason, they usually show up within seconds afterwards!

#3: Hide in the SAME EXACT SPOT each time. The bathroom! Again!

#4: Make sure part of your body is visible in your hiding spot. I usually like to keep a whole leg sticking out.

#5: If you haven’t been found within 15-30 seconds, come out of your hiding spot and insist that the game start over. Sometimes I just wait 5 seconds.

#6: Bring a friend to your hiding spot whenever possible. Make sure your friend is completely visible, while you are completely hidden (except for that leg).

#7: Laugh really, really, really loudly with your friend. This always makes people find you fast. I haven’t figured out why yet.

#8: Yell out “COME FIND ME!!!!!!!” when you hear someone within inches of your hiding spot. She will usually find you pretty quickly afterwards. Be prepared.

#9: Once found, run wildly out of your hiding spot and into something, preferably a sibling, friend or a really hard object or wall. After crying for a few minutes & being consoled, get up already. It’s time to play some more.

#10: When it is your turn to count to 10, don’t close your eyes and begin looking for everyone when you get to the number 3.


  1. 1

    From Belgium says

    During the search the other party will usually yell at the top of her/his voice: ‘where is little X, I can’t find her/him. Maybe she/he is behind the couch/chair/under the table/etc’ It is advisable to yell ‘Nooooooo’ really really loud when this happens.

  2. 3

    Mrs Catch says

    Your son lasts 5 seconds in his hiding spot? My girls would come out as soon as the counting finished. They just couldn’t get that the idea was to STAY hiding.

  3. 5

    Victoria KP says

    This is so funny and so true! I love acting like I have no idea where the boys are and looking ridiculous places (like the medicine cabinet and the silverware drawer) and hearing the giggling get louder and louder.

    • 6

      Kimberly says

      I do this, too! I always check my jewelry box, the microwave, and other impossible hiding places. My little girl gets a kick out of it.

    • 9

      Kelley says

      You are making me want to play this with him over & over today. He may not want to play after today. Waaahh!!

  4. 10

    Alison@Mama Wants This says

    Oh that’s just adorable! I loved hide and seek as a child. For some reason, I always thought hiding behind a door was brilliant. Until someone would inevitably open the door, hit me on the head and I’d be found after going ouch. Hey, another rule to add!

  5. 12

    Tanya says

    HAHAHA classic! That so perfectly describes my two girls’ (4 and 3) hide and seek tactics. I have a picture from a few weekends ago of my littlest one playing hide and seek. She’s sitting straigh up in the middle of the back yard under a picnic blanket and her little feet with lime green crocs are sticking out. The giggling is the best part.


  6. 14

    Lady Estrogen says

    Very adorable.
    My boys have only figured out 1 spot – beside their toddler beds – that’s it. They don’t venture out much… yet. LOL

  7. 16

    Saimi says

    So that’s how it’s played! I’ve been doing wrong all these years, I suppose I should come out of hiding now.

  8. 20

    Sherri says

    When my son was little, he also felt the need to make me COUNT VERY LOUDLY all the way to 20, or some other big number but then didn’t have the patience to wait that long.

    And that hiding in the very same place all of the time? Yeah, that was big!

  9. 22

    Jenn says

    My daughter adds: Change spots at least 3-4 times the seekers won’t see you, even if you think they do, you are so quick they probably didn’t.

  10. 24

    Amy says

    My daughters skills are an equal match for your son’s. In fact, much of the time, instead of coming up with her own spot to poorly hide in over and over, she will ask me (the seeker) to come up with a spot for her to hide. Genius, I tell you! Pure genius!

  11. 26

    NotJustAnotherJennifer says

    Love this! So true. Although, once they figure out the being quiet part, it’s a little disconcerting. The first time I couldn’t find S, I told her to come out, but she wouldn’t. Mommy was a little worried. We had to redefine the rules.

  12. 32

    Mandy says

    Or if you can’t find a good hiding spot just sit in the middle of the floor and close your eyes really tightly….if you can’t see them, they can’t see you!!

  13. 34

    Kimberly says

    My two-year-old loves this game. But her thing is hiding behind doors, then jumping out and yelling, “Boo!” right when I’m about to find her. She’s actually startled me a few times. And the sitting in the middle of the room with eyes shut totally works, Mandy!

  14. 38

    Carolyn says

    This is funny! AND so true!
    My 3 y.o. daughter always says to me “Mommy you count to 10 and find me under the table in the kitchen.”

  15. 40

    TVs Take says

    I Love Kelley and her breakroom. How funny and true these are. Next time we play hide n seek I’ll be found immediately because i’ll be laughing so hard thinking of these #10 tips. Bravo Kelley!

    • 41

      Kelley says

      TV, you are too kind! It has been TOO LONG since I have stopped by your encouraging corner of the Internet! I will pop in soon! :)

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