The Scary Mommy Community Reviews

The Scary Mommy Community is known for its no holds barred honesty and, now, that honesty extends to product reviews.


Scary Mommy is not a place for guaranteed glowing praise; it’s a place for real feedback and real discussions from real moms in this active and passionate community. As a business, what’s more valuable than that?


Items are sent to community members in good standing (anywhere from 5-10 women) and reviews are posted within 30 days of receipt. They’re thorough, thoughtful and honest. Interested in learning more? Contact for details.


Some past reviews include:


Pyure (an all natural sugar replacement)

Ouidad (hair products for curls)

Lapfit (food tray for kids)

InviCible (scar removal gel)


As a small business, we have to be very selective in which bloggers we put our money into to maximize our investment and reach. Jill of Scary Mommy was a perfect fit for us! We could tell she took a lot of time and consideration in working with us. She is very open, honest, approachable, and funny, and her readers love, respect, and trust her. We would definitely, and I mean, DEFINITELY, work with her again. – Megan, Modern Bird Studios


Regis, Kelly, Oprah, Rachel and the rest, I can do without. If I’m going to put stock in anyone’s point of view, The View I dig is Jill’s. – Lara, Certifikid


Scary Mommy has a large, loyal following of people genuinely relating to her humorous portrayal of motherhood in all of it’s, err… glory. It is the whole package. – Jennifer, Want to Grow Marketing.


Businesses will not only benefit from her huge fan base, but will also enjoy a platform that is constantly updated and upgraded — keeping users on the site, interacting with the site, and coming back for more of Scary Mommy’s humor and honest take on parenthood. – Ann, Listen to Your Mother