The World's Toughest Job –

The World’s Toughest Job


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.

You may have seen that viral video a few weeks ago about the horrid job posting that nobody wanted…

The fake posting was created by American Greetings and placed across 27 markets through job postings, 14 market newspaper classified ads and 2 Google sponsored ad units, resulting in 2.7MM impressions.

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Not surprisingly, the job only had 24 inquiries. It’s easy to see why; based on the video, the job of motherhood completely sucks!

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Indeed, motherhood is no doubt the most exhausting, frustrating, thankless and, hello – unpaid – job most of us have ever had. I mean, is there any other job in which one can be vomited on, bitten, kicked, yelled at and generally under appreciated… all within the course of a day? No, there’s not. And we do it day after day after day and dread the day when the kids are grown and we’re no longer doing it 24/7. ARE WE INSANE?!

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No. Because what the job description didn’t mention is that it’s also the best job we’ve ever had. All of that unpaid, draining and frustrating work we’re doing is for these little creatures we love more than anything. Which makes the world’s toughest job, one we wouldn’t trade for the world.

(Though a day off every now and then would be nice…)

ag_0020_cardresI love this campaign and am excited to have partnered with American Greetings to help give moms the recognition they deserve. It’s easy to thank your own mom or another mom you love on the American Greetings website. There, you can choose from the very best selection of Mother’s Day cards, personalize them with your own words and/or pictures and have them sent straight from the site to your recipient. How cool is that? I’m sending out the above one to myself… And then I am planning a day off.

You can use code CCF4249 until May 5 to get your Mother’s Day cards for just $2.49 (regularly up to $3.69).

And then be sure to pat yourself on the back; you have the world’s toughest job, after all.
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.

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The World’s Toughest Job