We Did It!


It’s bad enough that I’ve had “What Does The Fox Say” stuck in my head all week, now I have the Dora’s dreadful “We Did It” jingle playing non-stop in my brain.

We did it! We did it! We did it! Yay! Lo hicimos!

But that’s ok. Because…


Today and tomorrow, we’ll be shipping 2,758 gift cards to the families who applied for them. That’s all of the families who applied for them. {Thud.}

There aren’t enough thank you’s in the world to express how grateful I am for your support on this. Your donations, stories, sharing… it’s all been absolutely incredible. One special thank you to the amazing Mattingly-Leco Family, for swooping in and completely wiping out the wait-list, allowing us to focus on the next task: Getting every card in the mail. So, back to that. But, before I go…

WE DID IT!!!!!


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    There just aren’t enough CAPS & EXCLAMATION POINTS to show how happy this makes me!

    I’m over the moon that the wait list is wiped out — but assuming you still have costs to cover, so I’m still donating for comments coming in today on my blog…

    *happy dance*

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    Heather says

    Hi Jill – The home page of your website still says there are families waitlisted, so yesterday I donated $50 for a family. I have not received any info, so am wondering if there was an actual family for me to donate to, or if they had all been taken care of by that time. How can I know?


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    Ariana c. delgadillo says

    Scary mommy ,
    I couldn’t get into my twitter due to my password not functioning. Please tell me it’s not too late to request help for Thanksgiving dinner help this year. Please let me know

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      Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy says

      We can’t order any more gift cards, but I do have gift checks from Butterball for $25 – send me your address and I’ll get one out tomorrow.

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    Ariane Delgadillo says

    I emailed it to you. And again, thank you soon much! Now my kids will be very excited, they already knew we might not have a Normal Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you soon much!

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