What 35 inches of snow look like…


{Just in case you were wondering.}

And, yes, we are surviving. Pretty much.


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    Loralee says


    We get snow like that a lot where I live but we are very used to it. My kids LOVE it too. :) xoxo
    .-= Loralee´s last blog ..I know that some might say that I am going to hell for this opinion, but… =-.

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    Shawntel says

    I’m so glad we didn’t get that kind of dumping. It looks like the snow’s going to mostly miss Northern Colorado; the south is getting pounded, and so are the ski areas – must be good for business.

    I hope you can stave off Cabin Fever!
    .-= Shawntel´s last blog ..Some Of My Favorite Views =-.

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    Hanna says

    I can feel your pain. A few weeks ago it dropped down to -37 degrees with windchill out here. We had our heat on 85 and it was still cold enough in our apartment to freeze a can of coke solid! Thanks crappy windows! My fiance always laughed at me for hoarding blankets, now he loves me for it.

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    helen says

    On the plus side, your adorable kids are still smiling! I would be bringing out the home movies or pictures of your last beach vacay, and reliving the memories. Sending you semi-warm thoughts from Texas :).

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    pamela @VampireSmitten says

    That looks beautiful. I live in Dallas so we hardly ever get snow and if we do its only like 2 inches or so. Can you FedEx some my way please?
    .-= pamela @VampireSmitten´s last blog ..I’m Too Chicken To… =-.

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    C @ Kid Things says

    Well, it’s pretty to look at. Although I think your son’s expression in the 2nd photo says it all.
    .-= C @ Kid Things´s last blog ..Lesson Learned =-.

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    ShallowGal says

    You did a good job with those pictures, I have a hard time photographing snow. Although with 25 fresh inches and another possible 5 to 10 on the way Tuesday, I’ll have plenty of time to practice.

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    lisa says

    i know you think i’m kidding, but that is what every winter looks like in erie! sometimes we get 35 inches at once but mostly we get a foot or so and then 3-5 inches more EVERYDAY for months. it adds up. but we don’t have the sunshine i see in your pictures. enjoy it! when you are looking at cherry blossoms, we will still have SNOW.

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  9. 21

    Becky says

    Whoa! That’s impressive. And I’m from Wisconsin so you know that means a lot when I say that.

    Glad you are surviving! Hang in there… only 6 more weeks of winter. (STUPID GROUNDHOG!)

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