What Mothers really want for Mother’s Day

Well, I suppose I can’t speak for every mother, but this is what I want this year for Mother’s Day:

Not to be woken up. Just let me sleep in as long as I want. Chances are, I’ll be up well before nine, but at least let me try.

Not to change a diaper or wipe an ass. Enough said.

Not to pick out clothes. I don’t care what the children wear– they can be mismatched, filthy and stained, I just don’t want anything to do with it. Extra credit if they wear their Sunday best and pose for pictures.

Not to play referee. I’ve never much enjoyed sports, anyway. And I could really use a day off from breaking up fights and dolling out punishments.

Not to think about dinner. It’s one of the first things I think about everyday and it’s frequently greeted by yucks and ewwws. From all of you. Not tonight, please.

Not to buckle and unbuckle car-seats. Sure, it sounds trivial, but on the weekends when we are in and out of the car a million times, it’s something I despise.

Not to bathe the children. It’s my least favorite task, hands down. And, when you wash them, please actually use soap. Sitting in their own filth doesn’t really count.

Not to be in charge of bedtime. Yes, I want to snuggle with the kids. I will sing them my 80s medley of lullabies and maybe even read a book or two, but I don’t want to deal with the million whines and calls long after I have tucked them in. When I say goodnight and come downstairs, I mean goodnight.

Not to have to return something you bought me that I don’t want. Much as you think it’s fun for me to return fugly necklaces and unwanted broaches, I really don’t enjoy it. Listen to the not so subtle clues I give you about gifts. Or, just don’t buy me anything at all. We’re not dating anymore, it’s fine.

• Not to have to share my day with a husband who just had to be born on May 9th. Fine. I’ll admit that birthdays trump any other day, so I will suck up the waking and wiping and bathing and dressing and cooking this year. It’s only fair. {But, sweetheart, my birthday better rock.}

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shylbaevay 2 years ago

Кто скажет где отремонтрировать ПК не дорого?

Childrens sports 5 years ago

They all want happy healthy little ones!

Matty 5 years ago

I think most moms want the same things. Instead of gifts, they just want a break from the action. Sounds fair to me.

Anna S. 5 years ago

Oh I hear you on all of these! I don’t have to wipe any more little butts, but all the rest, I totally hear you! Too bad this year I won’t get any of it. My family seems to think that Mother’s day is all about them. I would be perfectly happy to just sleep through the whole stinkin’ day, and I can do without the forced gifts… that lasts all of 5 minutes… if I open them really slowly. My 17 year old has to work, my 14 yr. old wants to work on her school project instead, and my dh has this attitude of “let’s not do this next weekend when we’ll all have time and less stress then” That was actually my idea, no one else thought it was a good one :( So instead I will be studying for my college history and algebra finals on Mother’s Day… Yay me!
I don’t mean to sound unappreciative, it’s just, I do alot for my family, and well, I think I deserve a day to spend how I want, with my family and no forced gifts that no one could possibly want. I mean, realistically, how much lotion and how many candles can one person have?! I’m still using the lotion my kids got me for Christmas! I would much rather spend my day like this:

Sleeping in (usually will be up by 8:30 anyways)
Go to brunch, the good one, not the pathetic excuse for on
Come home to change and go for a walk with the family
Take some pictures while doing this one
Come home, read the Sunday paper, which I’d have to myself
Say, “I’d really like to go to the bookstore to browse” (favorite thing for me to do!), and actually do it.
DD can come along for this, since we usually stop in the cafe to have a snack & tea or coffee, and that’s when we chat about stuff going on with her.
We come to my dh grilling dinner and my son would say, “Mom, I want to play you a song I’ve just finshed writing” and then plays it on his guitar…
Day ends with all of them cleaning up dinner, and I’m sipping my glass of wine, reading my newly puchased book.

Seriously folks, is that asking too much?

Melinda 5 years ago

Amen! I’ll trade any gift for a true day off. Being able to actually read a book for longer than one paragraph before someone needs something urgently. :) Excellent list.

    Anna S. 5 years ago

    I absolutely agree Melinda!

NotJustAnotherJennifer 5 years ago

Yes, yes, and YES! Bummer about the birthday timing. I’m kind of screwed there, too, this year – DH’s bday was last weekend and I was sick, so I did nothing for him – moved the cake & presents to his mom’s house and bought a cake. Weak. So, I still owe him. Will save this post for next year, though…

Christi 5 years ago

Yep, that sounds about right! I would also like a break from breast feeding. That won’t happen though – I would just have to pump anyway, so what would be the point?

alex 5 years ago

You said it all!
Happy Mother´s day anyway!

angelica 5 years ago

excellent post. Birthdays do NOT trump MD. Just celebrat (mothers day) the weekend before, it is in Spain and Peru, or the month before like the Brits… just freaking get one day where you can turn your back on everything and not wipe any butts

Brook @ To Be Dancing 5 years ago

I always hated my mom’s bday being the 13th. But I did make a point to always get her two gifts.
A few years ago all I wanted was to take a shower. It was mother’s day, also my mom’s bday. I would have celebrated one or the other the day before, but my son’s friend had a birthday party that day and I can really only do one thing at a time. Between doing stuff for my mom and then doing dishes so that my husband could cook for me(!?!), I ended up not getting really much of my day and even running out of hot water so I didn’t even just get the shower.
Of course, this being the first Mother’s Day and also bday without my mom, I have no idea how this is going to go down.

Becca 5 years ago

I agree with so many of those! The bath one especially gets to me – my DH doesn’t seem to think that soap is supopsed to be part of the babys bath routine! and also – his birthday is May 11 – so yes – I definitely agree with the birthday one!!!!!!!

Dawn 5 years ago

I want hollandaise sauce and corned beef hash from a can for breakfast. I want sushi for lunch, and a medium-rare cooked steak for dinner. Sleeping in would be awesome. If I get my food, I can take care of the rest of the stuff, especially since we only have one. :)

    Dawn 5 years ago

    Oh yeah- and if I don’t have to play “find the pacifiers” this weekend, I would love that.

Hannah 5 years ago

My birthday is on May 9th too, as well as my son’s… just a day after my mom. And I love this post, I can relate to every single one of these. Can I add not having to dig toys out from under the couch… every 5 minutes?

Elysabeth 5 years ago

I guess I’m the luckiest chick in the world. More than half these things I get away with all year round. 😀 I think I’ll just drag them out to do something I want on Mother’s Day. bwahahaha

Jenn 5 years ago

I’m lucky enough to not have to cook, that and, I can’t! I would change that to having everyone else clean the whole house including toilets. Lol

Sarah 5 years ago

It may sound mean, but I tell my husband every year that the one thing I want for mothers day is A DAY OFF!!! So for the past 2 years thats what I have gotten. We go do all the mother’s day grandma visiting, and the child-mother activities, and then the day after mother’s day is mine!!! I get the day all to myself, to do whatever I want, and it is amazing!! I look forward to it every year, but unfortunatly most of my day off is spent wondering what my kids are doing, and feeling guilty that they dont get to spend my wonderful day with me.

Nicole 5 years ago

I just found your site and you crack me up! You say what I have wanted to say but fear someone will think I am a bad mom. Thanks :)

Kate Coveny Hood 6 years ago

Great list! One of my favorite Dad bath style story was from when my first was just six months old. Chris had given him his evening bath and as I was rocking to sleep I could swear my boy smelled like chicken nuggets. I asked Chris later whether he washed Oliver’s neck and he said, “yeah – sure.” So then I asked if he used soap when he was washing his neck and the response I got was “soap?”

Mommy of Dangel 6 years ago

I would have your list for mother’s day too…. but I know for fact I need to do all those… We can only wish

Sarah 6 years ago

And then you get a LOT of days off, and think ‘Is this what I really meant?’
Hope you sleep in, kick back, stay home and maybe even get cooked for.
Happy Mother’s Day.
.-= Sarah´s last blog ..Things I Have Laundered =-.

nycgirl0501 6 years ago

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you get all the wishes on your list :)

Julie 6 years ago

I want a day off from being mommy too. I’ll be lucky if I get a card. 😛 At least I know we’ll eat out somewhere. I AM however going away for the weekend in a couple of weeks to the French Quarter, my very first time to be away since I had kids and my first girl’s weekend EVER!
.-= Julie´s last blog ..Strip Strap STREP. =-.

Cara 6 years ago

There is a chance I will be gifted with one or two of those this Mother’s Day, but all of them? Fat fucking chance. Sigh.

Happy Mother’s Day!
.-= Cara´s last blog ..Sunshine =-.

Emily 6 years ago

I almost spit out my coffee I was laughing so hard at ” Not to have to return something you bought me that I don’t want” (or maybe it was the use of the word fugly) but either way I feel your pain! Doesn’t it amaze you how “please buy me a wooden recipe holder” could be misinterpreted and end up with a giant flip-chart style recipe binder that doesn’t even fit on my cookbook shelf? And yes, of course, the children got to pick it out so alas, I can not return it. Sigh.

Hope you have a great Mother’s Day!
.-= Emily´s last blog ..Cleaning Up =-.

DC Urban Dad 6 years ago

Sweeeeeet. No jewelry.
.-= DC Urban Dad´s last blog ..Laid back with mind on my cookie and my cookie on my mind =-.

amanda 6 years ago

Wishing you get them all plus one of those days when your hair inexplicably agrees to do whatever the feck you wish of it and the clothes hang exactly as you want them to.
.-= amanda´s last blog ..Look at me! =-.

Jessica – This Is Worthwhile 6 years ago

Holy hell! My husband’s birthday is the 8th! AND, he has a twin sister!! AND, AND he’s leaving on a business trip May 9th at 11 am.

So, I get no Mo’s Day. He has to share his birthday, AGAIN, so I can get a semblance of a Mo’s Day. And, he has to work on the weekend.

Yeah. This year’s weekend of celebrations turned out to be more like a weekend of bullllshit!

.-= Jessica – This Is Worthwhile´s last blog ..It’s just a color. Or is it? =-.

Rachael 6 years ago

I am especially with you on the bedtime thing. Also, my husband’s b-day is May 11, born on mother’s day. Not only that, but I’m pregnant right now and due on mothers day this year. Sigh… so much for MY day!

    Jessica – This Is Worthwhile 6 years ago

    Girl, I feel your pain!
    .-= Jessica – This Is Worthwhile´s last blog ..It’s just a color. Or is it? =-.

Cranky Sarah 6 years ago

I asked to go for an evening out for mani-pedis with my friends on Sat, but I had to bail on that (a happy bail to go to a bon voyage party) So now my standard request is in effect which is nearly exactly this.
.-= Cranky Sarah´s last blog ..Ramping up to the Anniversary =-.

Loukia 6 years ago

Man, I love this list. Especially the buckle/unbuckling of the seatbelts… my 2 year old hates staying buckled and as soon as he’s in the car does everything in his power to NOT sit in his car seat! NO FUN AT ALL!
And, on a related note – I envy that you are normal and can tuck your kids into bed, and walk away, WHILE THEY ARE STILL AWAKE. I have never, in 4.5 years of being a mom, ever walked out of a child’s room while they were still awake. I have to try this one day. I’m getting giddy just thinking about it, I tell you…
HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to you, Jill. That trumps your husband’s birthday, I say!
Okay, fine – Happy Birthday, Mr. Jill!

P.S. Thanks for the link love back to me, that is so, so kind of you! xo

Sara — The Football Wife 6 years ago

How long do you have to be married before you can say, “I hate this necklace. Where’s the receipt?” For Christmas, my husband must have wondered aimlessly thru the mall plucking things from random stores… I could have had a laptop.

For Mother’s Day, all I really want to do is fit into my pants.
.-= Sara — The Football Wife´s last blog ..Fly, Little Bird or Stay… =-.

Erin 6 years ago

My husband’s long-standing comment on Mother’s Day? You’re not MY mother. Well honey, I’m sorry that our 3-year old has as of yet been unable to come up with an execute a plan himself.

Jane 6 years ago

Love, love, LOVE your list! But to have to share Mother’s Day with your husband’s birthday? You poor, poor thing! I say celebrate Mother’s Day next weekend!
.-= Jane´s last blog ..Thank You, Ernie Harwell, For MY Love Of Baseball =-.

Melissa 6 years ago

Firstly, how unfortunate that your husband was born on Mother’s day. And I bet when that happened, all his family told him mom “The perfect Mother’s day gift…” I have 2 more requests:
1. I don’t want to think about anything. Don’t ask me what I think you should do with the dirty diaper, how you should cook my “mother’s day meal”, or where anything is, dear hubby.
2. When I say I’m hungry and pass out from exhaustion because I’ve been helping you after you waited until the last minute to do anything for the women in your life, do not order your favorite pizza that I really cannot stand the taste of and do me the favor of letting me sleep only to wake up starving and still without any food options.

Actually, I have a 3rd.
Let’s just not repeat every other day of the year.

Thanks in advance!
.-= Melissa´s last blog ..Recession Hair Part II =-.

Bonnie 6 years ago

My hubs kept talking about what we were going to do for his mom on Mothers day this yr. I finally reminded him that I’m a mom as well!! “Oh right. So do I have to do something for you or …..” I cut him off at that point and handed him a list.

Pippa 6 years ago

being in the UK we had ours back in March.
I got breakie in bed, presents, dinner etc. it was lovely.
However hubby still has to top me giving him our first child on fathers day (just) almost 4yrs ago. have a good day, both of you!!

Soliloquy 6 years ago

Shew. MY birthday is on May 9th and I thought THAT sucked.

You win.
.-= Soliloquy´s last blog ..Some Days I, Too, Want To Run Away =-.

Kim 6 years ago

100% in agreement. The best Mother’s Day gift I’ve gotten has been breakfast in bed, DH washes my car, hands me my keys and I drive off with the credit card. I spend the WHOLE DAY by myself with no kids or responsibilities.

Jack 6 years ago

Not to have to share my day with a husband who just had to be born on May 9th.

I feel his pain. I am going to be 41 on Sunday. Yep, 41 years of having to share MY day with mom, wife, MIL, grandmas, great grandmas etc.

It would be nice to have one day where I didn’t have to worry about anything else.
.-= Jack´s last blog ..Midweek Summary =-.

vanillasugar 6 years ago

did you create an amazon wishlist? i hope so. i did, and it’s for my hubby so it’s SUPER easy to buy what cooking things i want…it has brought lots of peace and harmony into our house for the holidays of xmas, valentines day, and my birthday. i’m so serious.
.-= vanillasugar´s last blog ..quarter pound double chocolate cookies =-.

adhocmom 6 years ago

Yeah, I want that too. In order to make that happen I have asked for a hotel room. MY OWN HOTEL ROOM. Fluffy stain-free towels, bath robes, wine! TV!!!!
.-= adhocmom´s last blog ..Misc Mutterings at Midnight =-.

Lise 6 years ago

I think you should dub Saturday Mother’s Day and he should give you all of your wishes then.

courtney 6 years ago

Seriously. Could not of been more accurate.

I told Adam, I just wanted them to go away for the day.

Isn’t that awful?

Molly 6 years ago

So funny! You’re birthday better be the most amazing day ever.
.-= Molly´s last blog ..Dream of Californication =-.

Julie at MDMA 6 years ago

Love your list! I really can’t complain … I only have one kid and he LOVES to do Mother’s Day, right down to the rubbery eggs, burned toast and the strange, homemade gifts. My husband completely tolerates (and usually encourages) the whole thing, no doubt thinking all the while that he’s filling up the tally sheet for Father’s Day next month. But I don’t care … I just want to read a book in bed and drink a HUGE Americano with REAL CREAM and then go out to the garden and get my hands dirty. Amazing how your life gets boiled down to the simple things …
.-= Julie at MDMA´s last blog ..The Mother of All Days =-.

Liz 6 years ago

Sounds like it could be a boring day.

Last year my kids (with my husband’s encouragement) gave me a day of “no fighting with each other” – it was wonderful.
.-= Liz´s last blog ..The Relationship & the Blog =-.

Minnesota Mamaleh 6 years ago

love this jill! and seriously though about the car seats! (btw, just fb found you and you’re right– you’re not so scary at all! lmao at the grilled cheese! :))
.-= Minnesota Mamaleh´s last blog ..Minnesota Mamaleh: “The B Word” =-.

Heather of the EO 6 years ago


(a b-day w/ Mother’s Day-Oy)

When my hubs asked what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day, I said “not run around trying to make our Mother’s happy.” I’m awful.
.-= Heather of the EO´s last blog ..My accent thanks you from Minnahsohtah =-.

Allison 6 years ago

I need to show this post to my husband, it’s exactly what I want to. A day without all of this stuff just sounds heavenly.

Jeff 6 years ago

Ok, I agree to the buckling and unbuckling. Also, I bought you something you said you wanted, so I think we are all clear there. The rest of it? Sorry…

cheri 6 years ago

his birthday falls on 9th? man, that sucks. just when you thought you can be queen for a day, he’ll prolly demand he be the king of the day, too.
.-= cheri´s last blog ..election fever =-.

Atlanticwriter 6 years ago

The car seat thing…. I hate doing up the car seats! My Big Dude is old enough to do it himself but whines constantly about it. Little Dude wants to do it himself but can’t – meaning it takes twice as much time. I swear, the rare occasions I get to leave the house by myself are partially wonderful becuase I don’t have to buckle anyone else in.
As for the birthdays… mine usually falls on Mother’s Day so one of the two holidays gets overlooked, usually mother’s day. I feel gyped. However, this year I have a full five days between the two and expect full celebrations (that’s my not-so-passive agressive letter to my husband).
.-= Atlanticwriter´s last blog ..A little therapy is a good thing… =-.

Erin Im Gonna Kill Him 6 years ago

I cringed at ‘broaches.’ Why do men always dress us like their mother?

At least you have a scapegoat for a bad Mom’s Day – mine is going to fall spectacularly short for only one reason: my husband. I received an ice cream maker last year. One year later, it’s still in the cabinet in the box.

Little Green Mom 6 years ago

Oh, gawd. How dare your DH have the gall to be born on Mom’s Day. The travesty! I think you should make Sat YOUR celebration then, depending on what he comes up with, you can decide how to play Sun. Seems only fair 😀
PS: I might ‘accidentally’ your Mothers Day wishlist and leaving it lying around for my DH, who needs hints like a brick between the eyes!

Heather 6 years ago

Love the list! I can so relate to the last point. My son’s birthday is May 12th, no not actually on mom’s day.
But every year we celebrate his birthday with family on Mom’s day weekend. Its just how it works out, they travel to us or we travel to them. And while my son knows Mother’s day is coming up, the focus is still on him this weekend, as it should be.
So want to know what I do, take another day on a different weekend and claim it as mother’s day instead:)
.-= Heather´s last blog ..Gift of Readiness =-.

Alyssa 6 years ago

Love it Jill! Great post…

subWOW 6 years ago

I adore your passive aggressiveness. This letter is right on to the last drop! Of course, in my miserable pathetic situation, I need to add this one: It IS not a mother’s day gift if I either need to come home from my relaxing day to clean up the house OR if I need to clean the house the day AFTER mother’s day.
.-= subWOW´s last blog ..If only patience could be bought =-.

Rachel 6 years ago

That pretty much sums up my wishlist too. And I feel your pain about the husband birthday- my husbands is May 14th so it sometimes falls on Mother’s Day. And OF COURSE the year he was born it WAS Mother’s Day- his mom won’t shut up about it.
.-= Rachel´s last blog ..Not-So Wordless Wednesday =-.

Lori Z. 6 years ago

Apart from the birthday part and I would definitely add dishes, I’m totally with you!

Do you have any family by you guys could “treat” by ditching your kids with them for the weekend?
.-= Lori Z.´s last blog ..Goose and the News =-.

Val 6 years ago

LOL! I wish for a day like that too! But my kids are self sufficient these days, so they can buckle themselves up… I don’t want to hear whining about why it’s so and so’s turn to get the front seat! I don’t want to hear “Mom – can you give me a little gas?” Oh I’ll give you gas all right… It’s Kielbasa and sourkraut for supper!

Momma Drama 6 years ago

yes, yes, yes, and yes. My hubby is the worst at giving gifts. We don’t do it very often since we usually save all the spending cash on our 5 kids, but the last present he got me was for Christmas a couple of years ago. I asked for a digital camera – he went out and got a $300 video camera that just so happened to take 1 MPX photos. 1 megapixels!! Sheesh… I turned around and went and bought myself my own camera :)
.-= Momma Drama´s last blog ..Update to “Battle Royale” =-.

Jenna 6 years ago

Add, ” I do not want to tie a shoe on Mother’s Day.” Or here’s an idea, teach the children to tie their own shoes today. What a great Mother’s Day gift, cuz if I have to bend down one more time, my hubby is going to have to buy me a years worth of massages!

Shay @ Wonderfully Chaotic 6 years ago

Great list! My birthday is the 7th so in a couple years mine may be on Mother’s Day as well maybe! That will be an interesting year…hahaha.
.-= Shay @ Wonderfully Chaotic´s last blog ..Wishes For My Little Girl Photo Contest & The Changing Room =-.

    Christina 6 years ago

    You’re safe :) The 7th will never be the 2nd Sunday in May.

Julie@my5monkeys 6 years ago

amen to the whole list– totally understand about it all.

Jen 6 years ago

Preach it!

My husband’s birthday is May 7th and for YERS he’s whined about how too close it is to Mother’s Day. Oh, that and he couldn’t have a birthday party once because it was prom for his sister.

Big baby.
.-= Jen´s last blog ..outside looking in =-.

    Jen 6 years ago

    of course, I meant YEARS! lol
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..outside looking in =-.

Adventuroo 6 years ago

Okay, that’s it. I’m forwarding this to my hubby!
.-= Adventuroo´s last blog ..Saturdays at Saxapahaw- Sax-a-what? =-.

carolyn 6 years ago

AMEN to all of that, especially the part about not thinking about dinner or wiping bums. Try leaving these on the TV remote for your posse to “find” (might avoid another sandwich maker type gift):


Wishing you uninterrupted bathroom time this Sunday too … :)
Cheers and HMD!
.-= carolyn´s last blog ..Mother’s Day: 100% Off. =-.

Carrie 6 years ago

my husband is of a mind that I’m not HIS mother so why should he do anything for me? Silly man :op
.-= Carrie´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Vancouver’s Skyline will be forever changed =-.

Suzanne 6 years ago

AMEN, sister!

Hope you get the Mother’s Day of your dreams!!
.-= Suzanne´s last blog ..Swell Stuff (mountain aven baby) =-.

Kmama 6 years ago

Bath time is also my least favorite task…and the thought of bathing 3 kiddos probably ranks pretty high on the list as to why we won’t be having a #3.
.-= Kmama´s last blog ..Nestle Family Giveaway =-.

Mishelle 6 years ago

Yup, you just summed up Mother’s day very well… especially the stuff about picking a meal.
I have stopped eating with the kids when I make supper (I putter in the kitchen instead) because 10 years of hearing “Eeeewwwww, why____ for supper?” and “Vegetables? You put vegetables in this?!?” and all sorts of interesting comments that make me want to go live with Santa or the easter bunny (probably him as he has chocolate :-) ) I’ll eat with them when someone else makes dinner as the comments drive me bananas.
I’m now thinking maybe a night away in a hotel, with room service breakfast and a day to myself…
Mmmmmmmm…… and chocolate!

    Confused 5 years ago

    It’s GREAT to know I’m not the only one who does that! My friends look at me so strangely because half the time, I dont eat dinner until he has gone to bed. If I have to slave in the kitchen for dinner, at least ONE of us is going to enjoy it in peace!

Jen 6 years ago

Say it ain’t so!? A birthday on Mother’s Day? That is just not right.

I hope he at least let’s you sleep.
.-= Jen´s last blog ..Is It Possible to Teach Concentration? =-.

Tara R. 6 years ago

I have been asking for a ‘Mommy Day Off’ for years. I don’t think my peeps understand, but nearly every other mom I know would love some downtime.

Now that my kids are nearly full grown, most of your list, I don’t have to worry about, but planning dinner or doing laundry I would gladly give up for a day.
.-= Tara R.´s last blog ..Who do you trust? =-.

Susie @newdaynewlesson 6 years ago

well if you were HIS mother than mother’s day would trump, but seeing as not then I also hope your birthday rocks!
.-= Susie @newdaynewlesson´s last blog ..The Kindness Club: Week 4 Prompt =-.

TheKitchenWitch 6 years ago

Or having to load/unload the dishwasher!!!! Add that one!

And a day without having to wipe an ass? Bliss.
.-= TheKitchenWitch´s last blog ..Scallops with Jalapeno-Herb Pesto =-.

Amanda 6 years ago

I hear you – my hubby was born on May 10th :)

Lolli 6 years ago

I have almost given up on holidays like this, especially after giving my husband the BEST anniversary he’s ever had last week (and getting nothing–not even a card–in return). He totally owes me. And I would take everything on your list instead of a present anyday. Actually, I was thinking about writing a very similar post while I was laying in bed this morning.
.-= Lolli´s last blog ..Wordfully Weary =-.

Christa 6 years ago

My hubby’s b-day is May 10th. It sucks!

Cindy S 6 years ago


Oooooh, a Mother’s Day birthday. That sucks.
.-= Cindy S´s last blog ..Let There Be Light. And Recyclable Grocery Bags. =-.

Rebecca 6 years ago

I love it when other people hate bath time as much as I do!!!! What a horrible time for your husband to have a birthday (just kidding)!
.-= Rebecca´s last blog ..Wednesday’s Wandom Wants…by Porky Pig (apparently) =-.

Lynn from For Love or Funny 6 years ago

I’m lucky – my family is really good about giving me a day off on Mother’s Day – but I LOVE your list!
.-= Lynn from For Love or Funny´s last blog ..Proof that dogs can exact revenge… =-.

Marinka 6 years ago

I assume that you’ve checked our his birth certificate to confirm the actual birthday? I also like the Belgian idea. Unless he’ll be celebrating his 3 month birthday then.
.-= Marinka´s last blog ..Bon Voyage! =-.

From Belgium 6 years ago

The region where I live celebrates Mothers Day on the 15th of August (Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin). So I suggest you holiday in Belgium (province of Antwerp) this year. That way you can celebrate Mothers Day eating Belgian chocolates and fries and tasting some delicious Belgian Beer (which is THE best in the world, eat that Heiniken). Unless of course your birthday is on the 15th…

Jennifer 6 years ago

I would settle for not having to wipe butts and unbuckle and buckle car seats–now that would make for one fine Mother’s Day. Oh wait and one of those cool mini vans with the little remote that opens the doors automatically…
.-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Swimming in Cement shoes =-.

Anthony from CharismaticKid 6 years ago

Ahhhh you just gave me some good ideas for my mamma. Thank you. MUAH.
.-= Anthony from CharismaticKid´s last blog ..The New Parent: Bob Novogratz from “9 by Design” =-.

Life with Kaishon 6 years ago

This list was perfect.
I am printing it out and sticking it in Gary’s wallet :)
Sadly though, he has to work on Mother’s day…
I will just highlight the gift portion of the list : )
.-= Life with Kaishon´s last blog ..Peaceful =-.

C @ Kid Things 6 years ago

I told my husband that I wanted a day off. Ha! Hahahaha! Yeah, I don’t think it’ll happen, but it was worth a try.
.-= C @ Kid Things´s last blog ..Blogiversary =-.

Momlissa @ Binkies & Bandaids 6 years ago

I’m definitely going to demand that I sleep in, ’cause that is the biggest treat for me.

I also have a husband with a May 9th birthday. So inconvenient! lol
.-= Momlissa @ Binkies & Bandaids´s last blog ..Zhu Zhu Fever – Worth Every Penny =-.

debi9kids 6 years ago

Awesome list!
Oh man! I know it’s his birthday and all, but can’t you at least get out of butt wiping??? Just that one little thing….
.-= debi9kids´s last blog ..If You Had a Pocket Full of Change, How Would You Spend It? =-.

Cheryl 6 years ago

Is a mimosa-rich brunch too much to hope for? 😉
.-= Cheryl´s last blog ..Way Back When-esday: Lovelies from My Locket =-.

Heather @ nobody-but-yourself 6 years ago

Amen, sister!

Here’s a thought: what if you and your hubby trade holidays this year? Mother’s Day for Father’s Day? That way he gets properly celebrated (*and* you can do the combo gift!) and you’ll still get your day in the sun next month!

I’ve been telling my kid flat out what, if Hubby wants to get me anything, he should get. She’s got it down and is waiting for the chance to tell him. Mwah ha ha. (I want a shrubbery. Specifically, a lilac bush. And for him to dig the hole and properly plant it where I point. Just in case you bump into him between now and Sunday, so you know what bug to put in his ear……………….)

Happy (early) Mother’s Day to you!!
.-= Heather @ nobody-but-yourself´s last blog ..Spring FAIL =-.

Alex @ LateEnough 6 years ago

Um, birthdays do NOT trump Mother’s Day. Celebrate his on Saturday. I’m sure his mom WISHED that he had come on the 8th. Who likes being nine months pregnant?
.-= Alex @ LateEnough´s last blog ..As Of Now, We Are Only Prepared For The Slow Moving Zombies =-.

    Betsy 6 years ago

    you deserve everything on the list, and more. Happy Mother’s Day!

Stacia 6 years ago

May I add: Not to facilitate any timeouts and the ensuing shoe-throwing, head-banging tantrum that ensues.

And: Not to share my laptop with pint-sized people who demand to play games with choo-choo and siren sounds that frighten away more brain cells than I can afford to lose.
.-= Stacia´s last blog ..Photo Tuesday =-.

Jennifer 6 years ago

I agree with all of those. The sleeping on one is the best. But I’ll probably end up having to work.
.-= Jennifer´s last blog ..I need a makeover. =-.

parenting BY dummies 6 years ago

Amen, sister. And, lemme just note, from a mom whose birthday falls on Mother’s Day every six years or so, that situation totally sucks because then they get off the hook for celebrating me and my awesomeness twice in one year by buying me some not-even-close-to-the-cost-of-two-separate-gifts combo gift and taking me to lunch at a kid friendly, totally crowded with other feeling-special moms. Plus, when they eff it up by being sick or naughty or annoying, I have both Mother’s Day AND my birthday ruined in one fell swoop. So, thanks, Mom, for not planning for MY future when you decided to get knocked up during the Indian summer of ’77. Happy Mother’s Day, babe!
.-= parenting BY dummies´s last blog ..Beautiful Baby Photo Contest =-.

Kelly 6 years ago

Yes to all, but especially returning the dumbass gift that no one would want. And what the hell made you think of me when you saw it? I’m already insulted.
.-= Kelly´s last blog ..Blossoming =-.


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