Why You Should Say Yes Tonight


It took you two hours to get the kids to sleep.

There were glasses of water fetched, imaginary flies pretend swatted, three stories read and everyone was tucked in –begrudgingly. But not for long. Because then there was the crying and screaming (you) and the ultimatums (them). The bribes. Empty threats were made and finally, they collapsed–all their ploys exhausted, to rest up for another day of killing you slowly.

It’s kind of a suck job, this whole mom business, but it is your suck job and you may as well not complain. So you were just looking forward to an hour or two of wallowing in quiet self-pity and ice cream, perhaps curled up with a book or even an episode of The Bachelor.

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You thud down the stairs in your too small pajama pants, your t-shirt has spatters of paint and reads 5K Fun Run 2006. You can’t recall how you acquired this shirt but you sure as hell know you have never ran a 5k and if you had, it would not ever be classified, in your opinion, as something a person should do for fun.

As you traipse around the corner to the kitchen you think you hear the faint sound of the stereo playing in the family room. You grab the Ben and Jerry’s from the freezer, slam the door shut with your rear end and grab a spoon. You are sitting cross legged, contemplatively at the kitchen table, fitness magazine (fuck you, irony) spread out in front of you when you realize that there is music playing.

And that it is definitely coming from the family room, where, it seems, someone has turned off the overhead lights. Hmmmm…

You can barely make out the flicker of candlelight from the shadows around the corner and you wondering if you should go and investigate (a seance?) when you hear the soft strains of melodic sex oozing from the record player.


Your spoon stops in mid air.

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Oh no. Think. Think. Think.

You consider a retreat back upstairs, a fake sleep at the table. You wish for narcolepsy, amnesia. Anything. But it is too late. He is already sauntering around the corner, wearing only his jeans and white undershirt.

He is holding two wine glasses.

He has spotted you and he is smiling.

“Well helloooo beautiful.”

You want to turn around and see if perhaps there is someone behind you to which he is actually speaking. But then he winks. At you.

And he speaks again, reaching out for your hand and peering at you in what you imagine he imagines to be seductive allure.

He gestures with his hands up and down his middle aged dad sized frame.

“Are you up for…this ?”


* * * * *

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It’s a struggle that must go back to the dawn of time.

Perhaps even back to those prehistoric cave dwelling couples in the Stone Age. She gathered the berries and hauled water and nursed Neanderthal Junior all day long. Neanderthal Man was busy hunting bison with blunt sticks.

He should have been exhausted. She was exhausted. But as soon as the baby was sleeping in his stone bassinet, here came her husband–hunching and smoldering, grunting the modern equivalent of “let’s get it on.”

All she wanted was to sit quietly, maybe bone up on some of the cave wall hieroglyphics. But her Neanderthal husband had a different plan. He wanted to bone her.

What’s a Neanderthal wife to do? What’s any wife to do? What will YOU do?

I know this is novel, but brace yourself: Why not go for it?

Before you even begin (put your hand down) I know you have a million reasons why not.

I’ll list a few here:

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You’re tired. Perpetually tired.
You haven’t showered since yesterday (or in the case of Neanderthal Woman, since never).
You just put on your GOOD yoga pants.
He just WINKED at you.
You need to read this fitness magazine and eat ice cream.
The lights are on.

So many more. But let’s agree to let the Why Not’s rest for awhile.

You can always say No.

Don’t you say No a hell of a lot?

You are practiced in saying No.

No means No and should always be respected.

No is often our first response.

But, before we realize it, the no’s can add up into a long yoga pant drawstring of days and weeks. Months. Suddenly we are counting back on fingers, and toes…and with a sickening sense of worry, we can’t even remember the last time we had said YES to a roll in the hay.

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And we worry even more that our husbands remember EXACTLY how long it’s been.

Or that they are keeping a log of our refusals, like this guy did.

Is that guy a jerk? Probably.

Are we any different than his wife? Probably not.

So, let’s just take a deep breath and loosen the drawstring a bit. Let’s explore what might happen if this time (brace yourself) you said yes…

1. You would burn calories. According to Mens Health, the average man burns 100 calories and the average woman 69 (hee hee) calories during the typical roll in the hay. Okay, so maybe you aren’t burning as much as if, say, you were sprinting a (not at all fun) Fun Run, but still far more than you would burn shoveling in the Ben and Jerry’s.

2. You would be happier. Making whoopee makes you giddy, psychologically. WebMD cites a study that surveyed the sexual activity and happiness of 16,000 men and women and found that sex “enters so strongly (and) positively in happiness equations” that they estimate increasing intercourse from once a month to once a week is equivalent to the amount of happiness generated by getting an additional $50,000 in income for the average American.” You might not be trading in the minivan for the car of your dreams this year, but you can still take the Mustang out for a ride if you know what I mean.

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3. You would be healthier. Listen, girl, you’re a mess. You have no time for anything healthy—sure, you wolf down your daughter’s Flintstones vitamins and you floss the week before you go to the dentist. But a little ‘gland to gland combat’ is just about as good as any other move toward a healthier you. It has been proven to boost your libido, make you sleep more soundly, reduce your risk of heart attack and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.Unless your pelvic floor muscles are already super. Which, in that case, disqualifies you from even reading this. I almost called this it Need kegels, will travel. Ahem. Moving on.

4. You will feel more connected. There’s probably a lot of science to back this one up, but let’s keep this more simple. Every woman I know says that while she might have a million reasons she didn’t have the energy to start having sex, she’s usually glad she did it anyway. Because afterward, you just…like each other. Of course you always love each other. Even when you say no. Even when he isn’t interested (isn’t he always interested?). Even when you are too tired. And even when you haven’t had sex since before the baby, unless you count that one time at his parents house when you told him you would do it if you didn’t have to take off any articles of clothing and didn’t have to move at all. And he was all like, sure, that’s cool. But when you do decide to ignore the Why Not’s, when you do decide to just go for it, you realize that more than loving him—you actually like him. And you like having sex with him.

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That guy, he’s pretty okay, isn’t he? He would never keep a spreadsheet of your refusals, he understands you. He doesn’t care that your pelvic floor is as weak as a busted up hammock. He thinks you’re beautiful. Even when you are irrational or difficult (which is never). And he wants to do the horizontal hokey pokey RIGHT NOW.

And he wants only you.

Sometimes you just can’t muster the energy and sometimes you will say no. And that’s okay. Take the guilt and throw it out with the empty Ben and Jerry’s pint. But take the long list of Why Not’s and toss those out too. The whole thing needs to be redetermined and reconsidered.

If you wait for that small interval in which you have had enough sleep and feel enough energy and have enough time and you really really really want to…well, that time might never come.

And then you might never come.

So I’m here to say this: sometimes it’s okay to fake it until you make it.

(Except don’t fake IT. Make him work for that shit.)

* * * * *

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You take the wine glasses from his hand and tell him that if he promises to never, ever wink again you will give it a go. And he wants to dance with you.

And dancing leads to kissing and kissing leads to the stairs and the stairs lead to your bedroom. And the bedroom leads to bow-chick-bow-bow.

And once you are in your bed—your legs layered in post coital bliss, you are still tired but you are glad. He touches his nose to your nose and smiles so closely you remind yourself to tell him tomorrow to trim his nostril hair. But boy, is he handsome. And he looks at you so happily. You are glad you ignored the Why Not’s this time.

You are just about to drift off into sleep when the bedroom door is flung open. The tell tale sound of child sized footstep approach the bed and you brace yourself for what comes next.

“Mama. I’m FIRSTY”, says your son as he pokes you in the neck.

You don’t even move or open your eyes as you speak.

“Honey?” You say sweetly to your husband.

“Are you up for… this?”

And then you drift quietly into a long and restful slumber.

About the writer


Nicole Jankowski is a mom of four kids and two awesome step-kids, a divorcee, a writer and very good at saying all the wrong things to the right people. Read about her experiences with autism, addiction and awesomeness at www.momof4istired.com.


Ellie Ann 3 months ago

I would love for my SO to do this, heck I’d love for him to just not reject me. I think in this aspect I’m the one with the male sex drive and he is more just not into it. And no, I’m not keeping a chart of every time he says “No” but I do know how long its been since he’s said yes. And let me tell ya, it’s getting to have been too long.

DovahkiinDead 8 months ago

Ugh. I never say no to my partner because he seldom asks, so I take it where I can get it. I wish I had to energy and the self confidence to initiate more. The whole thing makes me feel pretty pathetic and insecure :(

Jen 1 year ago

When my man comes onto me and I don’t really feel like it, I just tell him “I’m not really feeling in the mood, but if you want to try and get me in the mood…..I’m down” What usually follows is hella good foreplay all focused on my pleasure, then he gets his too :) Win, win. Don’t take one for the team ladies, just be honest that you need some TLC, oral, whatever tings your bell in order to get in the mood. Most guys love to please if they just know what to do.

The Doc 1 year ago

some of these comments are sad sad sad. there is absolutely zero reason for a man to get married in today’s climate.

why would a man subject themselves, and limit themselves to infrequent, nonexistent, begrudging sex when you can choose to have frequent, fun, engaged sex with others that don’t consider you to be a creep/pest/chore?

to the women who openly mock their men due to their desire to have sex with their WIVES, do you truly feel that you have the only vagina on this planet? do you truly believe that if you do not choose to “bless” your husband with this gifted vessel, then he will be forced to endure the desert of celibacy (ad infinitum) until you are in the mood?

i am sometimes incredulous at how a woman’s mind considers this, or rather, fails to consider this fact… there are many many other, better looking (heck, they might be worse looking), willing women who will gladly do what you refuse to do for YOUR husband.

i leave you with an real life example to ponder. this is only one of many. i had a woman i was seeing proudly proclaim to me at one point that she does not perform oral sex…period. she found it to be “disgusting and demeaning”. i calmly pulled out my cellphone and SHOWED her the number of another girl i was also dating and asked her a simple question… “not only does this girl perform oral sex, she also LOVES to lick my a$$. who do you think is winning?” needless to say, her perspective changed drastically in an instant.

men, options are power. DO NOT GET MARRIED.

Alex 1 year ago

It is an unspeakable tragedy that people have to be told about benefits of sex for them to get in the act.
You actually have to coax people with carrots like “burning calories” to do what is the most intimate and passionate act of all.
It is sad beyond grief.

Kelly 1 year ago

Awesomely written! Loved it!

James Kraft 1 year ago

I just want to sleep.

Ashley 1 year ago

I think what a lot of people are missing about the biggest reason to say ‘yes’ is that after feeling like a mom all day between kids, work and or pets, It is great to feel like a woman again. At the end of the day, after you have spent all day taking care of the kids and house, it’s not so bad if you take some time to spend with your husband too.

    MamaB 11 months ago

    Yes! That is a very important thing to remember when it feels as though the needs are overwhelming and never-ending and you notice your husband is beginning to feel like one more: he is not! If you let him, he will remind you that you are more than just a Mom – you’re still a desirable woman in your own right! I honestly think that the huge number of women who feel negatively about themselves/their bodies after having children aren’t being reminded of that important fact often enough. I’m 3 weeks from my due date – with our third child in three years! – so I absolutely understand feeling overloaded by physical demands all day every day. Struggling with a colicky baby and clingy toddler last year, while juggling 2 dogs, a cat, housework, and a sudden, unplanned pregnancy, I really had to work to ensure I didn’t see my husband’s physical needs as just more demands on my time and body, and to really be mindful of the fact that men find sex and intimacy/love inseparable in a marriage. I had to remember that, when he came to me, it wasn’t just to get off, but because he sought love, support, solace, connection, a self-esteem boost, etc. after a grueling work week. And, because he’s a stellar husband, father, and provider, he comes home and jumps in helping with the kids, with dinner, or with whatever he sees he can help with. He doesn’t care if the house is clean, but he still tries to help minimize messes and help clean up so as not to make more work for me because he loves me and wants to show me so by giving me the things that I actually need – not just what he feels like giving me at the time. If I don’t care about having sex right that second, but I adore and appreciate my amazing husband and want to show him so by giving him what he needs when he needs it, I will always (unless prevented by legitimate illness/injury) acquiesce to his requests for some physical affection (ideally, I will notice his glances and offer before he has to “ask”, as I imagine that must feel demeaning). If there’s some reason I actually can’t have sex, I will try to please him in some other way, because he always goes out of his way to find ways to please me, regardless of whether he has a personal stake/interest in the activity or outcome. This is love: sacrificing for one another in the ways that are meaningful and significant when your loved one needs it – not just when it’s convenient or mutually desirable. Great points you made.

Lori Kayed 1 year ago

Been married 25 years with 2 kids. Its not about quantity more than it is about quality. It’s always been good and getting better all the time. When you have an intense emotional relationship the physical is mind blowing. When the kids were younger it was less often but he always made me feel wanted no matter what! Just love this article, very funny!!

CM Collins 1 year ago

What’s funnier than the blog itself is all the couples who’ve tagged their significant others in the feed.

Joanne Ruppel Walker 1 year ago

And one more reason to say yes, if you continue to say no, maybe at some point he might get fed up and look for it elsewhere. Remember you are his sex life and he is yours, intimacy is what makes you a couple as opposed to roommates! This goes the other way too, so stop falling asleep on the couch fellas.

Kate 1 year ago

There are dangerous implications here; I really can’t believe that so many women are supportive of this idea. We tell our young girls that “no means no” and that NO ONE should make you feel like you need to do something that you don’t want to do under ANY circumstances… except when you husband is horny, and it’s been awhile since you’ve had sex, so you should probably just suck it up and do it to keep him happy? Umm, mixed message, much?

Adina Clow 1 year ago

Lol I love this. It’s very true and made me laugh. It’s sooo me

Jake Polzin 1 year ago

Let’s make it happen :))-,lol

Stacy Hersey Buckley 1 year ago

Loved this.

Kate 1 year ago

So, the gist here is, that “No” doesn’t really mean “no”? That if you really, truly feel like you don’t want your body touched (especially in such an aggressive manner) that you should do so anyway because it *might* make you feel better in the end (but there’s also a good chance that you’ll actually feel worse afterwards because you just did something that you really didn’t want to do in the first place?) Great message. I’ll get right on that.

It would be great once, just once, to read an article that is NOT suggesting that I cater to my loins (or the loins of another.) How about, let’s find other exciting ways to make ourselves happy and feel fulfilled that don’t require another to fill us. Is anyone is this country capable of NOT thinking about sex? Let’s maybe evolve a bit, mmm kay?

    Ian Ironwood 1 year ago

    You can’t evolve without sex. Evolution moves by generational increments. And there is an example of a culture that evolved out of sex. They were the Shakers. They died out.

    When you got married, you made a commitment that involved your loins. You either live up to that commitment, or don’t expect that other set of loins to linger.

Jennifer Waters 1 year ago

I don’t understand this negativity towards intimacy. It’s sad and unhealthy. Sex in all it’s forms is fantastic with the right partner. Trust, selflessness, adoration, communication and respect are important to a satisfying and healthy sex life. I’ve been with my hubby for 19 years and we still can’t get enough of each other! It brings us closer physically, emotionally and overall adds to a happier more fulfilling life. And yes we have three young kids.

Cindy Miller 1 year ago

This is a great read, not too far from reality, but at 55…..I’m still not totally convinced…but we’ve only been married 34 years…..there may still be hope! lol!

Pam Bains-Maki 1 year ago

Hmmm…not sure I’m convinced?!?

Lynn Ongenae 1 year ago


Me 1 year ago

Am I the only one who is more likely to be the one doing the leering, seducing and/or bribing than to be the one turning it down? My husband complains all the time that he’s gained X pounds since we got married, or is tired, or….whatever. I would jump him every night in a heartbeat, because I just can’t get enough of the man!

Denise Lacy 1 year ago

What is this word “no”?

Pam Gilby 1 year ago

Hilarious !!!!

Nicole Slaughter 1 year ago

i HATE sex… wish i never had to do it again!!!! NEVER!!!

    Ian Ironwood 1 year ago

    Keep up that perspective, and you may get your wish.

Serina Nations 1 year ago

Say YES every night! <3

Jennifer Stazzoni Yochum 1 year ago

This is hilarious!! One of the best ones yet.

Jack 1 year ago

This is why there are so many divorces and affairs going on.

Kathleen Kaufman 1 year ago

Why not say no? For the simple reason that you don’t want to. Not ever, but in that moment, you really want to take your ice cream and decompress from your stressful day and stressful night in front of a junky TV show and just be alone for a minute. Isn’t that okay too? I obviously don’t know all the details of this story, I don’t know if the husband in this scenario was right there in the trenches with you, putting the kids to bed, cleaning up dinner, baths, etc… But assuming that you were doing all the work while he watched TV, read a book, played a video game, etc…. Why not say no? You just spent all day and night giving your full attention to your children, only to finally find a minute and be confronted with another person who needs your full attention.

You said at one point ‘don’t fake it- make him work for it’ In my opinion, this working for it should start wayyy before the glasses of wine and the Al Green come out. Work for my affection by helping me with the kids, doing a load of laundry, cleaning the dishes – giving me an hour to decompress with whatever activity helps me to clear my mind and feel human again. Then I’ll gladly say yes.

Catherine 1 year ago

Before walking down the aisle and becoming a married woman my grandmother pulled me aside. She told me to never say no…. “Never say no to what?” I asked- completely confused, young and naive. My grandmother told me to never say to my husband when he wants to be intimate (unless you are truly ill). She said nothing will hurt a mans self esteem worse and ultimately it will drive him away. 10 years later of marriage and those words still echo in my mind. Our sex life is great- always has been. Even when I’m tired after chasing our 4 young kids around, doing work, cleaning and cooking I still say yes. My husband needs 3 things; food, sleep and sex…. When he’s good on all three we both are happy.

    Catherine 1 year ago

    And I should note that I do say yes because my husband is working hard right beside me, getting kids situated for bed, reading stories, getting glasses of water for the 100th time. But I know this isn’t the case for everyone. If my husband didn’t help so much, well then- not so sure a yes would come out of my mouth.

Sandra Graham 1 year ago

This made me laugh but my situation is completely opposite my hubby is the one in the “no” area of things. Kendall Hallett

mamasleepy 1 year ago

This post? This one had me laughing out loud. Literally. And that doesn’t happen very often when I’m reading stuff I like. Very well written and spot-the-f*ck-on. Thank You!!

Emily 1 year ago

I understand where you’re coming from – I do – but these types of blog posts just further perpetuate the stereotype that all men want sex and all women are tired of men wanting sex (this is not always the case, I promise you). It also perpetuates the lie that spouses can’t be honest in their marriage in ALL things, including sex, and when they do and don’t want to have it, without hurting feelings or causing fights. Marriage should be about mutual respect – respecting the needs and wishes of your partner and vice versa, regardless of if it goes against your own selfishness (i.e. “I really want to have sex tonight but my spouse doesn’t, ugh”). Worse than that, you are essentially telling other women (some of which are most certainly dealing with entirely different situations than yours, possibly unhealthy relationships or even abusive) that they should say yes to sex EVEN WHEN they do not want to. It’s hard to sum up in words how incredibly harmful this can be.

    Kate 1 year ago

    Thank you!! There are dangerous implications here, I really can’t believe that so many women are supportive of this idea. We tell our young girls that “no means no” and that NO ONE should make you feel like you need to do something that you don’t want to do under ANY circumstances… except when you husband is horny, and it’s been awhile since you’ve had sex, so you should probably just suck it up and do it to keep him happy? Umm, mixed message, much?

    Ian Ironwood 1 year ago

    When you undertake the commitment to marry someone, and engage in permanent monogamy without infidelity, you make a couple of compromises for that security. Are you saying that we should teach our daughters not to live up to their commitments?

Ashley 1 year ago

Is anybody else giggling like a middle schooler at the term “making whoopee”? My marriage got a lot better when I decided not to turn down my husband for sex. I ended up remembering that I actually like it, and him, a lot! I do however, still reserve and use the lure of a bj to barter for special favors that require extra effort from him like digging up my greatly expanded garden plot 😀

Jonny N Roxy Smith 1 year ago

Thanks so much my husband tagged me in this. #bitch

Morgaim 1 year ago

I dug this a lot. But, honestly, I know more women who complain about a lack of sex in their relationship than I do men. Have a sex, people!

Megan Collison Primavera 1 year ago


Lauren Weber 1 year ago

HAHAHA the storyline cracks me up!! Seriously though – can us women stop freaking out our men by letting them believe this is true for all? What I realized a long time ago is that usually is has nothing to do with being tired…it’s that you can’t get your head out of “kid mode.” You’re still thinking about the fact that your son just threw his shoe are your head and your daughter pulled apart her favorite book in a hissy fit and blamed you for making her angry enough to do it. On stressful days…you need to learn to let go and then you’ll feel more like yourself and you’ll WANT to say yes to him. Guys don’t understand that because they let things go within 4 seconds…women think too much. Just relax ladies!

Andrea Benoit 1 year ago

Oh and also, for the proponents of this article, maybe you’d be more up for sex if he pulled his weight more in the housekeeping and childrearing department. Just saying!

    Ian Ironwood 1 year ago

    Ah, no. A man increasing the amount of time spent on childcare and housework does not, statistically speaking, add to either the frequency or quality of his sex life. Sure, it’s nice – but housework doesn’t make you hot. If it did, he’d be doing dishes every night. It’s good solid Beta, but despite what women say they do not sexually reward men for housework in practice.

Andrea Benoit 1 year ago

Blah blah blah, pleasing men bullshit. My husband has the libido of a rock…actually less than that, because even a rock can get hard. Guess who hears no all the time? Not him, that’s for sure. Can we please just ditch this “women are never horny and men have to beg for sex” crap? This isn’t the dark ages, I am not a man’s property, and I have respect for my body AND his.

Maria 1 year ago

Wine…music…my hubby grabs my boobs and says yeah yeah yeah in a weird voice and im suppose to drop my pants…lol. all about having some game..2 kids 2 & 3 and 1 on the way..proof I do say yes..sometimes

Sherry Sembera Malone 1 year ago

He doesn’t even have to put on music or wink, I’m already there! We’ve been together going on 10 yrs and have 4 kiddos and we still love making love to each other! The article is so true, so many benefits!! :)

Vicki Mena 1 year ago

I miss sex. I’m 8 months pregnant and high risk. Wish I could enjoy my husband!! I miss him! :-(

    Vicki Mena 1 year ago

    Thank you!! :)

Mindy Rao 1 year ago

TMI alert: My husband and I have made a promise to have sex every day since our wedding and we have kept that promise. After not too long, we both began looking forward to it and it has bonded us closer together. We have jokingly called it the “streak” and it’s been solid since January 1, 2013. :-)

Andrew Jenkins 1 year ago

Sex relax u and relieves a lot of stress from work or like n general

Alyssa King 1 year ago

Good article, but the difference between the husband in this article and the spreadsheet jerk is I never saw any evidence of an attempt at romanticism with spreadsheet guy. At least this husband had wine, candles and wanted to dance. It takes a lot more than, “you ready for this?” when you’ve had a little person hanging off your boob all day.

Tania McCreanor 1 year ago

I saw a thing about a couple who promised each other 356 days of sex. This in itself sounds a little overwhelming but at the end they were interviewed and they were asked how they feel about each other now, and their response was that they found that they were happier in themselves and had never felt closer as a couple. I’ve also discovered the same with my husband, we don’t do the every day of the year thing but I don’t say no anymore and the next day he is always in a good mood and so am I which works out for everyone in the end right? Plus we talk more about what we like and dislike and quality has improved significantly! 😉

Lisa Waite Mua 1 year ago

or how about you just have sex when you both want to instead of feeling that you have to? do you know what makes you miserable? giving sex to someone because you feel should or are pressured in to it. every one has different sex drives and every one man or woman has the right to say no to their partner for what ever reason. every ones different and will be happy with different amounts, there is no quota to fill, more sex does nt always mean happier couple its about balance and respect.

    Emily 1 year ago

    Exactly, Lisa.

    Ian Ironwood 1 year ago

    Less sex almost always means a less-happy couple. Sure, you have the “right” to turn down sex, but one must question the wisdom of doing so with any regularity. While there are some occasions when it is understandable to field a rejection, a man who faces three in a row in the same week is going to start thinking about spreadsheets. Yes, it would be nice if we could all only have sex when we want wanted it, and some women want it more than their husbands do, but if you want a happy marriage with a lower risk of infidelity, I would seriously reconsider your position.

      Tarrou 1 year ago

      Listen to Ian, he’s kind of the man. I had a wonderful, fulfilling relationship with a young lady, but two years in, the sex dried up. No kids, no nothing, just died. Went from twice a day to twice a week, then a month, then a year. I gave it four years, which was three and a half longer than I should have. Tell yourself the moon needs to align with Mercury in the fourth house for you to properly be intimate with your man, and he’ll find someone less of a frigid wench.

Jacci Zellers 1 year ago

Loved it.

Angie Taylor 1 year ago


Joy Copeland 1 year ago

Hahaha! So funny!


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