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If you’re anything like me, you have pretty low expectations for Mother’s Day; Maybe breakfast in bed (which you’ll inevitably end up cleaning up after,) a handpicked bouquet of flowers (plucked from the garden you planted,) or a hand drawn card (which you most likely had to ask for.)

Well, you know what? That’s bullshit. (No offense.)

Whether it’s a few hours alone to read a new magazine, a much needed pedicure or a new purse, Mother’s Day should be the one day a year where you allow yourself to be spoiled… if only by yourself.

Don’t you deserve that? Of course you do.

Well, Stephanie from the beautiful jewelry site metalicious wants to help. She has offered to make one of you the Mother’s Day gift you truly deserve; a made to order gemstone necklace valued at $240, with three stones of your choosing.


Because Mother’s Day should be marked with more than runny eggs and burnt toast.


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Big congrats to Rachel! Bummed you didn’t win? Metalicious has kindly offered you guys a 15% discount with the code SCARYMOMMY through May 15. Happy shopping!


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    For mothers day, I really just want a vacation day. Let me read my book, let me bask in some solitude. You don’t need to cook me any food, or get me jewelry, or even a card. Let me sleep in, take an hour long shower (if hot water permits), hang out in my jammies all day, read my book, watch a chick flick…that all sounds good to me. I do really like the birthstone necklace though…..just to be clear :)

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    Dead on with having to clean the kitchen after the mothers day breakfast. Is it just my family or is anyone elses house trashed after Mothers day? “no we don’t want you lifting a finger” actually mean “you can just clean it all up tomorrow”

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