Scary Mommy Comfy Mom Fall is Here

Mac & Cheese Casseroles and 13 Other Things That Prove Comfy-Mom Fall Is Here

Is there anything better than sweater weather? Uh, nope. If you’re feeling like your day needs more pumpkin spice, candle scents like “Apple Picking,” and throw pillows in mustard yellow and rust orange, you’re experiencing what we like to call “Sweater Weather Euphoria.” 

Additional symptoms of this condition may include a willingness to physically fight someone who says fall is overrated, holding a warm mug all summer just so you’ll be ready, and refreshing your screen to see if the temperature has dropped a degree or two. 

Sometimes it feels like it will never get here but one day you’ll start to notice some sure signs that sweater weather is upon us. Look around. Any one of these is a surefire signal that it’s coming. 

1. Pumpkin Spice, Baaaaby! 

A few years ago, it was kind of a thing to make fun of people who went nuts over pumpkin spice. Well, the country is a very different place now. I really can’t be bothered to sneer at anyone whose life is made brighter by this little mix of sugar and spices. 

Go pumpkin-spice crazy! Be out and proud! Let your PS flag fly! 

2. Comfort Food

When smoothie bowls start to give way to personal mac and cheese casseroles, the season is changing. And I am HERE for it. Sure, a green juice with kale, acai, and wheatgrass is delicious (or at least that’s what we tell ourselves all summer). But if you truly love fall, you are secretly or not-so-secretly overjoyed when comfort food makes its return. 

#HotGirlSummer, you’ve been a blast. But it’s time to make way for #ComfyMomFall. 

3. Coziness on Another Level

Is there a better feeling than cozy? No. No, there is not. Don’t @ me. Hygge – the Danish concept that emphasizes all things homey, warm, and peaceful – is a bonafide aspirational lifestyle, y’all! Snug and cuddly is a trend we can all get behind, right? 

4. Crisp Mornings and Chilly Evenings

Summer 2019 was pretty brutal all around. Hot, muggy, rainy, stormy – the season didn’t exactly send its best material. But no matter where you are in the country, there will be that first cool morning. Or maybe you’ll notice a brisk evening first. Either way, it means one thing: sweater weather is here! 

5. Lord + Taylor’s Friends + Family Sales Event

I think we can all agree that if a few sweaters are fun, more sweaters are even more fun. Which is why you’re going to want to put Lord + Taylor’s Friends + Family Sales Event on your calendar. Why not save a ton on fall wardrobe pieces (sweaters!) or get yourself some “to me, from me” holiday gifts? Or you could get a start on shopping for, you know, other people. And you can save an extra 30% off almost everything and 15% off almost all beauty.

6. Scarves

Oh hello, jaunty piece of fabric that screams “I’m a gal who likes both looking great AND keeping my neck warm!”

7. A Little Thing Called FALL COLORS

Ok, sure. No matter what year it is, autumn color palettes basically always feature variations on the same shades. There’s a warm taupe, a maple red, a spruce green. But! They are always a welcome reminder that the pool floats are going back in the garage and it’s full speed ahead on the calendar.

8. Freaking 👏 Hot 👏Cocoa 👏!

Hot cocoa, we see you. Other seasonal beverages have tried to come for your crown. But with that first creamy sip on a chilly evening, we remember that you are the One True Queen of Fall.

9. Squirrels Out Here Getting Thicc 

Notice the squirrels starting to look a little healthier? See that little bit of extra chub they’re putting on? They’re doing it for a simple reason: it’s their way of letting us know the best part of the year is here!

10. The Real Candle Scents of Fall

Goodbye, Beachside Strawberry Tiki Punch Sun Shower. Hel-LO, Warm Cookie Flannel Nightgown Cozy Slipper!

11. All Things Apple

And pumpkin. And squash. And cranberry. The flavors of fall fit perfectly into a harvest-themed dinner. Wonder why that is? 

12. Daylight Savings Time, aka Waking Up in the Dark Every Day

DST isn’t exactly a sign of fall that everyone welcomes. It’s like the world plunges into darkness overnight. 

And who else has to mutter “spring forward, fall back” literally every single time? 

13. College Football

Some of us like sports. Some of us like salty snacks. The return of football season means there’s something for everyone. 

14. Falling Leaves

Comfy clothes. Chilly nights. Roaring fires. Classic movies. Warm soups. Kids at school all day. What other season even comes close? 

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