15 Gifts For An Amazing Hostess


15 Gifts To Grab For Your Favorite Host


Everyone knows that one mom who loves to host a party—she’s usually a fab chef, yet oddly has a clean kitchen (how?!), her house smells like a meadow, and her fridge (both wine and food) is always stocked. If you want to be that mom, here are some things you need. (And if you are that mom, we’ll be right over.)

Any mom who entertains knows the challenge of having all the food ready at the same time and keeping that food hot. This buffet server and warmer will do the job, and the trays are removable and easy to clean. Fill it up with hot apps, dips, BBQ meatballs, or mac and cheese—whatever you and your guests are in the mood for.

2. 3-tiered serving platter that swivels (because you’re that fancy)


Gone are Grandma’s old-fashioned circular tiered trays, as the new age means your cupcakes and stuffed mushrooms can sit atop rectangular white porcelain and and swivel. How cool are you now?

3. Rainbow wine charms


Everyone loves wine charms, and a hostess mom probably already has tiny flip-flops or maybe miniature Christmas trees adorning her wine glasses. This set of 6 charms, however, is unique and sends a message of support to your LGBTQ friends.

4. Unbreakable stainless steel wine glasses


And to go with her new charms, the mom who entertains would love this new trend in wine glasses, as we all know what happens when Karen down the street has one too many.


5. Portable bluetooth speaker


Entertaining means bringing all the fun—the food, the drinks, and the music. This JBL Charge 3 waterproof speaker works in your kitchen or outside on your patio. Just hook it up to whatever music source you prefer and the party can start.

6. Multi-purpose appetizer tray with moveable parts


Everyone knows you need a serving tray to host—that’s, like, Entertaining 101. But having one with separate pieces that can be moved around the room, PLUS an extra cheese board underneath is a total win. This handmade appetizer serving set is a gorgeous and unique choice.

7. I Heart Trader Joe’s Party Cookbook


Yes, this is a thing. And yes, you need it in your life. I mean, to host a party with recipes exclusive to our beloved Trader Joe’s?! You know there’s at least one recipe that uses their truffle honey mustard or pumpkin cream cheese spread in there.

8. Flameless candles that make your house smell pretty


Rarely do you walk into the home of a true hostess and smell anything bad. No, she’s always got some infused lavender or burning citrus going. This is a flameless candle (which is safe in case your friends are bringing their boogery, handsy kids with them) that will make the house smell like cinnamon.

9. Frozen margarita maker (extra points if it’s retro like this one!)


No one will turn down a margarita, and on hot summer days (or really any days), a delicious frozen margarita is a great way to enjoy time with friends and forget about your child pooping on your rug that morning.

10. Espresso machine (because everyone knows the coolest moms have the best coffee)


And for those morning playdates you also need a fancy machine that makes all the yummy coffees. This Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker also makes lattes and cappuccinos, so you’ll be the most popular mom on the block.

11. A colorful indoor/outdoor serving tray


Bright, fun colors make for a good party, as do non-breakable items that can be used inside or out. A gorgeous tray like this one from the Ziggy Collection by French Bull is perfect for hot or cold appetizers or a delicious dessert.

12. Farmhouse style ice bucket


You know you need to keep those drinks (whether grown-up or for the kids) cold when you’re hosting an outdoor party. You can go the traditional route with a boring cooler, or instead, you can rock a trendy vintage ice bucket like this one.

13. Wine fridge


No self-respecting hostess will attempt to entertain without ample bottles of red and white. So a wine fridge is a must-have if you are a regular at this gig. This wine cooler from Magic Chef holds 28 bottles, which should at least get you through the weekend. (Maybe.)

14. Monogrammed charcuterie/cheese board


Every good party has a meat and cheese platter. It’s basically a law. This is a unique tray to put out for guests that proudly declares who the hostess with the mostest is. And it’s you, girl.

15. Cards Against Humanity ’90s Pack


And finally, the best parties are full of laughter and nothing makes guests spit their wine more than Cards Against Humanity. Even better, this nostalgic ’90s pack will take your party-goers back to their dark lipstick and flannel-wearing days.

That’s the list, friends. 15 hot items to ensure your party is the best one in the subdivision. Even snobby Gretchen down the street will be impressed.

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