8 of the Most Awkward Celebrity Interviews in History –

8 of the Most Awkward Celebrity Interviews in History

He’s not the first celebrity to endure an awkward line of questioning. Below, seven of the most cringe-worthy celebrity interviews in history:

Paris Hilton doesn’t appreciate the question “Do you ever feel like your moment has passed?”

Samuel L. Jackson will not let an interviewer off the hook when he confuses the actor with Laurence Fishburne:

Joan Rivers objects to anchor Fredricka Whitfield’s implication that maybe her comedy was a little too mean:

Sometimes it’s the celebrities who make us cringe. Who can forget Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch?

And Carrie Prejean takes off her mic and refuses to cooperate after Larry King won’t stop pestering her about her legal battles:

Sometimes the celebrity gets through the interview okay, but as soon as it’s over, sprints away as fast as she can:

It sucks when someone implies you’re fat. Christina Hendricks doesn’t appreciate being called “full-figured” in this interview with the Sydney Morning Herald:

But our No. 1 favorite is Sarah Miller’s celebrity profile with Anna Nicole Smith. After all, how many reporters can boast that the celeb made a pass at them?