20 Cute Gifts For The Animal-Obsessed People In Your Life

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People who can’t stop posting animal memes need presents, too.

Whether it’s giraffes, sloths, baby porcupines, or old fashioned kitty cats, adorable animals are totally in. These gifts are great for the non-stop animal meme-poster in your life, or for the kid who really wants a dog and definitely won’t be getting one this season.

Llamas Flannel Sheet Set

These cute llama and cacti patterned sheets are made of 100 percent cotton, making them perfect for a snuggly sleep inside. Also available in kitty and polar bear patterns.

Kids 2-in-1 Stuffed Animal Chair

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If your kids are hogging the couch, get them this adorable and comfy animal seats! Wait a minute – seats plural? That’s right! Each stuffed animal chair flips inside out to make a totally new character. You can prank the kids all day long.

Flamingo Pajama Pants

Flamingo pajama pants
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Flamingo pajama pants will make you feel festive, even on a lazy day. Hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, time to bust out the Margs!

Baby Animals in Sweaters 2019 Wall Calendar

Baby Animals in Sweaters Calendar
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Puppies, kitties, porcupines, bunnies…this calendar is a veritable treasure trove of tiny sweater-wearing face-melting adorableness. Buy at your own risk!

Reindeer Flannel Throw Blanket

deer flannel throw blanket
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For the person in your life who loves Christmas and is always cold, this throw blanket is a godsend. People who are threatened by intelligent reindeer? Maybe go for another gift.

Snoopy Colorforms

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Kick it old school with this Snoopy Colorforms book. Put a sticker of Linus on top of Snoopy’s doghouse. Make Lucy play piano — what?! You’re an adult, you can do what you want!

Cat Necklace by Hallmark Connections

cat necklace
Image via Walmart

This cat/heart necklace is fantastic for the person who loves cats so much, she’ll want to carry one around on her neck at all times.

Birds and Branches Essential Oil Diffuser by Better Homes & Gardens

birds decor
Image via Walmart

For the bird-lover who needs to chillax, this diffuser does it all: it humidifies, lights up, and spreads lovely scents in a cool mist. Our eyelids are drooping just thinking about it.

Hug a Sloth Kit

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This adorable plush sloth is perfect for cuddling, and learning! The kit comes with a guidebook so kids can learn all about these slow tree-dwelling creatures. Also available in hedgehog.

Decorative Horse Throw Pillows by Pioneer Woman

pioneer woman horse throw pillows
Image via Walmart

For the horse-lovers, try the decorative cameo pillow or the “Hold Your Horses” pillow! Perfect for the relative who loves Americana without a trace of irony.

Corki Bottle Stopper

corgi bottle stopper
Image via Walmart

You don’t have to finish that whole bottle of wine, not with the help of the Corki bottle stopper. If you want to finish it, Corki doesn’t judge.

Bubble Gum Giraffe Popsocket

Image via Walmart

Your friend’s Popsocket looks sad. Throw some whimsy on that popsocket!

Wild Animal Porcelain Mug Collection

Image via Walmart

Go on a forever-safari with this exclusive microwave-safe tea and coffee set. They look like delicate pieces of China, but they’re actually durable and dishwasher safe. Fool your friends!

Tea Lion Silicone Tea Infuser

Image via Walmart

Nobody said that tea infusers had to be soulless. This “tea lion” (best pun!!!) is so cute you’ll want to put down the toddy and drink more tea this winter.

Pyrex Retro Birds Set of 3 Bowls

Image via Walmart

Pyrex is pretty boring, right? Well not anymore! Turn somebody’s Pyrex set into a throwback Patridge Family style smorgasbord with this set of three bird bowls.

Gold Elephant Decorative Throw Pillow by Better Homes & Gardens

Image via Walmart

Elephants are magical. They’re even more magical when they’re flecked in gold and tossed onto a couch. Who wouldn’t love to faceplant on an elephant at the end of a long hard day?

Raccoon Cookie Jars

Image via Walmart

Yes, bona fide, real-life cookie jars are a thing! And what says “cookie time” more than decapitated ceramic animals? These cuties can also hold pasta, uncooked rice, or any dry goods really.

Unicorn 3D Pixel Puzzle

Image via Walmart

Unicorns poop rainbows, we all know this. But you’ve probably never seen it in 3D pixelated form! Nerds and unicorn lovers will obsess over this 270-piece puzzle for kids aged 12+.

Pusheen Cross-Stitch Kit

Image via Walmart

Pusheen is a cute cartoon cat character available in magnetic form, coloring book form, and more. With this cross-stitch kit, the crafty animal-lover in your life can learn to embroider Pusheen into a cute little pillow or blanket. Her room will be so cute you won’t be able stand it. Seriously bring a barf bag for the cute.

Flamingo Neon Wall Art

Image via Walmart

For the old school baller who needs some decor for his Jimmy Buffett-themed mancave/gameroom, this Flamingo Wall Art is just what the doctor ordered. (Disclaimer: no licensed doctor would ever prescribe this lifestyle.)

Collector’s Edition Slinky Dog

Image via Walmart

Old timey toys are the best! The Slinky dog is the original fake pet. Great for collectors and kitsch enthusiasts! For everyone else, there’s the Toy Story version.

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