Another Frozen Parody, But it’s not “Let It Go” And You REALLY Need to Watch It.

Enough already, winter. We’re not playing with you anymore.

(More about the video from Heather at Cool Progeny. And way to go to my neighbor Kirsten and her crazy talented daughter, Sarah!)

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Shate98 1 year ago

I love all of the hidden local references :)

Diana R Jimenez 1 year ago


Traci Vega 1 year ago

what is this snowman you speak of??? (mom ‘stuck’ in SoCal) heh heh heh …. i kid, don’t kill me 😉

Love 1 year ago

Oh I am LMAO! BRAVO and great job! Lots of times, I’m not happy about the weather down here. This is definitely NOT one of those times LOL You poor things!

mylifesuckers 1 year ago

love it!

Kathryn Wilson 1 year ago


Lizette Alvarado Stradford 1 year ago

lol, that is the funniest and truest shit ever…I cried laughing so hard…this is what I get for moving back to the North East from the South…u suck donkey balls snow and cold!!!

Chrissie Quez 1 year ago

Lol awesome

Michele Kekac 1 year ago

Brandie Yerzak this is awesome!!!

Karrie Savage Ezequelle 1 year ago

This is hilarious!

Corinne Valadares 1 year ago

Brittany Coutermash

Andrea Bois-Supic 1 year ago


Natta Myers 1 year ago

Loved it!

Jeanette StPierre 1 year ago

Love it!

Michelle Wilson 1 year ago

Cute and so true!!!

Aleksandra Konwa 1 year ago

Monika for you:)

Florence Hamilton 1 year ago

This is great!

Michelle Mcmaster 1 year ago


Angie Young Stuteville 1 year ago

Yes! Done with winter!

Meredith Gregory 1 year ago

This Was great! !!

Jacki Harth 1 year ago

Too funny.!..that’s exactly how we feel in Minnesota.

Kristine Feeney Jolikko 1 year ago

Love it!!!!! So awesome!

Christina Blake 1 year ago

Curtis Blake

Heather Hopkinson Holtrop 1 year ago

Love this!!

Chelsi McCurdy 1 year ago


Leanne Watkins 1 year ago

Brilliant! What a great way to spend another snow day 😀

Karen Connor Siegrist 1 year ago


Fiona Clarke 1 year ago


Kendra Theise Westlake 1 year ago

Lauryn Brick

Michele Mace Alois 1 year ago


Janet Powell 1 year ago

hilarious!!! feel bad for you northerners… spring showed up down south finally

Tramequa Surratt 1 year ago

Love it!

Michelle Eden-Duval 1 year ago

haha awh! thats cute

Heather Cole 1 year ago

I love this so much!! My 3 yr old (who is watching the movie again today for the millionth time) came up and was listening to it, walked away and said “her heart must be frozen.. Awwwhh” lol

Maggie Carlton Buckley 1 year ago


Michelle Eden-Duval 1 year ago

crazy! lol i live in ontario, canada and its currently snowing again…

Robin Hankins 1 year ago

LOVE THIS!! I don’t want to build a snowman either!! GREAT JOB!!

Nicole Conreur Davison 1 year ago

Brilliant!!!! I live in CT, and feel the same way, but you guys in MD have had a horrendous winter!!!!

Tabatha Harrison 1 year ago

Baltimore….bge bill…loved this!!

Scary Mommy 1 year ago

She lives in Baltimore – my neighbor, actually!

Sherry Lazdinsh 1 year ago

I’m in the thumb of Michigan and it snowed today! Our county is 2 inches away from setting a record of most snow in a year.It’s been in the 20s since October!

Chell Pierce 1 year ago

LMAO , I LOVE this !!!

Rose Fitzgerald 1 year ago

This is HYSTERICAL!!! Love it! I live just outside of Syracuse, NY and we were just on a poll listed as the 3rd snowiest city this winter. lol

Megan Forness Brunn 1 year ago

That’s my question where do you live? I live in Buffalo!

Michelle Eden-Duval 1 year ago

this is great!
she must live in ontario…its been snowing since oct! lol (or it feels like it has lol)

Laurie Needham 1 year ago

Tara Bundhoo… I didn’t get it but I thought you would??