Anamarie Waite – Scary Mommy

Anamarie Waite

In previous lifetimes, Anamarie Waite has been an academic, college instructor, photographer, and middle school teacher. Now, she’s a full-time work-at-home-mom of one, editing and writing web content about the joys and challenges of being married to your high school sweetheart, parenting after infertility, and being an atheist in the United States, all while keeping her toddler alive and the house still standing (#likeaboss). She is a proud feminist, democratic socialist, and firm believer that the personal IS political. In her “spare time,” (what is that?) Anamarie enjoys cursing loudly at Xavier basketball games, talking to her cats as if they were children, and humble-bragging about her daughter on social media (#blessed). Connect with her on Instagram.