Callie Boller – Scary Mommy

Callie Boller

My name is Callie. I am a wife, mom of three, and the ringleader of a traveling circus show. I'm a stay at home momma with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology sitting somewhere in the garage gathering dust. I swear too much, run to stay sane, and love hard on my little tribe (even though they leave trail of complete destruction everywhere they go). I write about motherhood. The messy, crazy, wild ride of raising little humans. If you are looking for parenting advice, recipes, or summer bucket-lists, I am probably not your gal. I’m not into the uppity mom-shaming shit that seems to be all the rage right now. Honestly, I am just trying to survive each day, keep my kids alive, and if I can laugh along the way – well, I consider that a success! You can find me on my blog or follow the circus show on Facebook or Instagram.