Dr. Rebecca Branstetter, Author at Scary Mommy

Dr. Rebecca Branstetter

Rebecca Branstetter, Ph.D., is a school psychologist, speaker, and author on a mission to help children be the best they can be in school and in life by supporting school psychologists, educators, and families. As a mother of two daughters doing distance learning and a school psychologist working with families of children with special needs, she realized early on in the pandemic that all parents needed support, right away.


Her latest resource, “Peace of Mind Parenting,” is an online course that gives parents practical strategies to cope with their children’s stress (and their own!) as they navigate parenting in a pandemic. She is also the founder of The Thriving School Psychologist Collective, an online community dedicated to improving mental health and learning supports in public schools. Learn more at: rebeccabranstetter.com

By Dr. Rebecca Branstetter