Leah Vidal – Scary Mommy

Leah Vidal

Leah Vidal is the author of Red Circle Days and writer at Little Miss Wordy. Leah paused her career in Public Relations to raise her two children and has never looked back, except on the days when it would be nice to have an office to escape to or at least a desk to hide under. Her family recently moved to PA, where she is a fitness focused (physical, spiritual and mental health), mom of two and wife of one, who spends her time avoiding the kitchen, and making words come to life. Leah is a 2014 BlogHer Voice Of The Year and her blog has been syndicated on BlogHer, featured on the Erma Bombeck site, Freshly Pressed on WordPress and highlighted on Fitness and Parenting sites. She has been featured on PubSlush Women Of Wednesday and is currently working on her second book. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.