Nadine Friedman-Roberts, Author at Scary Mommy

Nadine Friedman-Roberts

Nadine Friedman-Roberts has written for DAME MagazineSalon, Bitch Magazine, A Practical Wedding, The Hairpin, and Random House’s Biographile.  Her Dove Beauty parody “You’re as Beautiful as We Think” was featured on The Daily Beast and Her  focus on family and mortality is examined in acclaimed Jewish Daughter Diaries, featuring writers like Rachel Kramer Bussell and Mayim Bialik, and she has presented at the International Recycling Brecht Symposium at Oxford University, UK, on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Links to past work:
  • Her piece in DAME Magazine, about navigating motherhood in an ableist society
  • A download link to her feature article in Bitch Magazine
  • On pregnancy loss and sequins in A Practical Wedding
  • Her website, where you can find more links and my ongoing, national project on Multiple Sclerosis and our understanding of “chronic.”


By Nadine Friedman-Roberts