Okayest Mom, Author at Scary Mommy

Okayest Mom

After eight childless years, Okayest Mom is a stay-at-home mom to three small boys of various races andgenetic makeup, none of whom were created in her body (one is from someone else’s body; two arefrom petri dishes). Okayest Mom has survived postpartum hemorrhage, as well as having three children in diapers simultaneously. Both almost killed her.These days, Mrs. Okayest is just trying to survive regular life. She leans heavily on her psychology and education degrees, as well as her experience as a Kindergarten teacher, to survive the chaos at homethese days. Another thing that helps her is ranting on her blog, www.okayestmomblog.com. She calls herself “Okayest Mom” because she isn’t trying to be the best at anything, and also because she really is finally okay.

By Okayest Mom