Ralinda Watts, Author at Scary Mommy

Ralinda Watts

Ralinda Watts, a native of Los Angeles, is a diversity expert, consultant, educator, speaker and writer, who works at the intersection of identity, culture, and storytelling. Most recently, she was the recipient of a research grant from the Klingenstein Center, Teachers College at Columbia University.  A former professional dancer and choreographer, she enjoys sharing her love for dance with her nine-year old daughter. Ralinda intertwines all of her passions in the form of a weekly podcast, RalindaSpeaks, featuring guests who share their stories and experiences, focused on what matters most: authenticity. Let’s be in conversation; follow me on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @ralindaspeaks. Check out the RalindaSpeaks podcast-available on Apple, Spotify, and GooglePodcast.
F/IG/Twitter: @ralindaspeaks  

By Ralinda Watts