Zibby Owens – Scary Mommy

Zibby Owens

Zibby Owens is a freelance writer and “stay-at-home” mother of four in NYC. But she never seems to stay home. Her work has been featured in Redbook, Marie Claire, SELF, Shape, Modern Bride, and other publications. She is an online contributor to Huff Post, Medium.com (where she is a “Top Writer” in Parenting), Mommy Nearest, and the TODAY Parenting Team. She craves soft, warm, chocolate chip cookies and doesn’t regret eating them. Well, most the time. In a former life, she went to Yale and Harvard Business School but is now re-learning long division with her twin fourth-graders who are much smarter than she is. Please follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to her mailing list at www.zibbyowens.com.