Baby Born In Chick-fil-A Gets Free Food For Life, Internet Responds Accordingly

Image via ABC7/Getty/Alex Wong

The baby’s mom went into labor inside a Chick-fil-A bathroom

If you’re a fast food lover who happens to also be in labor, you’re gonna want to head straight to your nearest Chick-fil-A immediately. A mother recently gave birth at her local restaurant chain and her newborn will now receive…drumroll please…free Chick-fil-A for life AND a guaranteed job when she turns 14.

Robert and Falcon Griffin love Chick-fil-A. They love it so much that they bought their baby a “Little Nugget” Chick-fil-A onesie three months before her birth. It’s only fitting, then, that when Falcon started experiencing contractions the couple stopped by the fast food restaurant to use the bathroom.

The store was closed, but a manager let the couple in.”I’m about to dial 911, I open the door and she’s just screaming,” Brenda Enriquez, Chick-fil-A store director, told KSAT-TV.

That’s when the mother-to-be went into labor. It was an intense process, and Robert helped save the day.

“I stopped her at her shoulders because I saw what looked to be a white collar around her neck, and it was the cord that had been wrapped around her neck twice,” he said. “…All I cared about at the end of the day was the baby was breathing, and by the time they (first responders) arrived, she was pink, thankfully for those blankets for keeping her warm.”

Falcon and her little Chick-fil-A nugget are doing just fine now. Also, as noted before, the newborn has a LIFETIME of free chicken sandwiches ahead of her. And a guaranteed job. Not a bad way to start your life.

The internet had some thoughts on this whole thing. Some lamented the fact that they were born in a boring old hospital — and began making plans for their own future deliveries.

Others made the excellent point that Chick-fil-A’s newborn reward policy should probably extend to hospitals as well. Because, you know, free chicken is great and all but free health insurance is even more thrilling.

Also, many people pointed out that Chick-fil-A has a really awful track record of donating to anti-gay organizations and ex-gay conversion therapy groups.

Here’s hoping that Chick-fil-A becomes a kinder, better company, this baby has a wonderful life, and, you know, cheaper healthcare wouldn’t be too shabby either.