Andrew – Scary Mommy


This is the English form of the Greek name Andreas, which was derived from the word for “masculine” or “manly,” so if you want your kid to have a good chance of growing a beard, this is a great choice.


Andy, Drew (or Dru if you prefer to be edgy about it).

Famous people named Andrew:

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber; chef and TV personality Andrew Zimmern; artist Andy Warhol; industrialist/capitalist Andrew Carnegie; U.S. Presidents Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson; comedians Andy Dice Clay, Andy Dick, and Andy Kaufman.

Fun fact:

In a weird study of over 16 million babies born in California since the early 1960s, researchers concluded that Andrew was one of the top 5 names of boys born to wealthy, sophisticated parents. Don’t be surprised if he holds his sippy cup with an extended pinky.

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