Andrew: baby boy name meaning and popularity


This is the English form of the Greek name Andreas, which was derived from the word for “masculine” or “manly,” so if you want your kid to have a good chance of growing a beard, this is a great choice.


Andy, Drew (or Dru if you prefer to be edgy about it).

Famous people named Andrew:

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber; chef and TV personality Andrew Zimmern; artist Andy Warhol; industrialist/capitalist Andrew Carnegie; U.S. Presidents Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson; comedians Andy Dice Clay, Andy Dick, and Andy Kaufman.

Fun fact:

In a weird study of over 16 million babies born in California since the early 1960s, researchers concluded that Andrew was one of the top 5 names of boys born to wealthy, sophisticated parents. Don’t be surprised if he holds his sippy cup with an extended pinky.

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