Anthony: baby boy name meaning and popularity


Derived from the Latin name Antonius, its most popular meaning is “priceless.” And your little Anthony will indeed add immeasurably to your life. He will also leave crumbs everywhere and wear holes in his jeans at an astonishing rate, but we won’t hold that against him, will we?


Tony. Or Ant, if you don’t mind calling your kid an insect.

Famous people named Anthony:

Actors Anthony Perkins, Anthony Hopkins, and Tony Danza; musician Anthony Kiedis; pro skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Fun fact:

The name was originally spelled Antony, without the “h.” The extra letter was inserted when the name was (mistakenly) associated with the Greek word anthos, which means flower. In much of Europe (and New York), it’s still pronounced “Antony” even with the “h” present.

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