Barend: Baby Name Meaning And Origin Explained


Barend is a variation of the Old German boy name Berinhard or Berenhard. Composed of two elements bernu- / berô (bear, wild animal) plus harduz /hardu- (hard, strong, brave, valiant, powerful). In turn, the name means “strong and powerful as a bear.” The feminine form of Barend is Bernardine or Barnardine.



Famous people named Barend:

Barend Pieterse, South African rugby player; Barent Avercamp, Dutch painter; Barend Biesheuvel, Dutch politician; Barend Bonneveld, Dutch wrestler; Barend van der Meer, Dutch painter ; Barent van Kalraet, Dutch painter;  Barend van Someren, Dutch painter

Fun fact:

A thirteenth-century saint and martyr, Berard of Carbio was a Franciscan friar who was executed in Morocco due to his attempts to promote Christianity.

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