Braydon: baby boy name meaning and popularity


Likely originating with the Gaelic word bradán, meaning "salmon," this is just one of many spelling variations of this name. So while your little Braydon may not meet other Braydons coming and going, he'll definitely run into Braidens, Braydens, Bradens, and Bradyns.


Bray, Brady.

Famous people named Braydon:

Basketball player Braydon Hobbs; hockey player Braydon Coburn; son of actress Melissa Joan Hart and musician Mark Wilkerson, Braydon Hart Wilkerson.

Fun fact:

If your Braydon ever gets a hankering to escape to the English countryside (and who doesn't, right?) he'd do well to go to Braydon Side: a hamlet with a teeny-tiny population in Wiltshire, England.

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