Burr: baby boy name meaning and popularity


An English word name for the little bristly things that cling to your pant legs when you walk through a field or forest. Also an apt description for your little Burr, who will no doubt do his fair share of clinging as well. Hopefully just for the first few years and not when he's, like, 35.


Burr is pretty much as abbreviated as you can get. Unless you want to take out the "u" and just call him "Brr" ... but that's cold. HAHAHAHA! We got jokes.

Famous people named Burr:

Actor/director Burr Steers; U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr; actor Raymond Burr.

Fun fact:

Before "Hamilton" brought Aaron Burr into the spotlight, there was Gore Vidal's 1973 historical novel Burr.

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