Cameron: baby boy name meaning and popularity


Some baby names have noble, wonderful meanings like “king” and “gift from God” — and then there’s Cameron, a Scottish surname, which means “crooked nose.” Hey, they can’t all have profound meanings. Your kid will still be awesome … probably. Especially in Scotland, where Cameron is still in the top 50 most popular boys’ names.


Cam, Cammie, Cammy-lamb, Cama-lama-ding-dong (okay, now we’re just getting carried away).

Famous people named Cameron:

Producer/director Cameron Crowe; football player Cameron “Cam” Newton; actor Cameron Mitchell; rappers Cameron Thomaz (a.k.a. Wiz Khalifa) and Cameron Giles (a.k.a. Cam’ron).

Fun fact:

If you rearrange the letters in Cameron, it will spell “romance.” Awwww yeah.

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