Clifford: baby boy name meaning and popularity


An English topographical name meaning ... "cliff ford." (Shocker.) And if you name your son Clifford, one thing's for sure: you'd better stock up on books about Clifford the Big Red Dog, because they're gonna be his favorites.



Famous people named Clifford:

Actors Clifford "Cliff" Robertson III, Clifford "Cliff" Arquette, and Clifford "Cliff" DeYoung; football player Clifford "Cliff" Harris; inventor Clifford Berry; rappers Clifford Smith (a.k.a. Method Man) and Clifford Harris (a.k.a. TI); Nobel Prize winner Clifford Shull.

Fun fact:

In 1909, the name Clifford was as high as #57 on the U.S. popularity charts.

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