Cory: baby boy name meaning and popularity


A Gaelic name meaning "from the hollow," derived from the word "coire," which meant "cauldron." But the only "hollow" thing about your little Cory will be his legs - at least, that's what it'll seem like when he puts away astonishing quantities of food in one sitting.


Cory doesn't really have any good nicknames.

Famous people named Cory:

Actor/singer Cory Monteith; actors Cory Hardrict and Cory Smith; rapper Cory McKay (a.k.a. Cormega); novelist Cory Doctorow; U.S. Senator Cory Booker; baseball player Cory Wade; YouTuber Cory Cotton.

Fun fact:

If you've seen the television series "Boy Meets World" or its spinoff, "Girl Meets World," you probably associate this name with one of their main characters, Cory Matthews.

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