Deandre: baby boy name meaning and popularity


A modern combination of the name Andre (meaning "manly") with the prefix "de" which essentially means "of," as in "son of." So the meaning can be seen as "son of Andre" ... or "son of manly" if you wanna be less specific about it.


De, Andre, Dre.

Famous people named Deandre:

A ton of football players: DeAndre Levy, Deandre' Eiland, De'Andre Presley, DeAndre McDaniel, DeAndre Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, and DeAndre Wright; basketball players DeAndre Kane and DeAndre Jordan; singer DeAndre Brackensick.

Fun fact:

The name Deandre has several forms - including DeAndre and D'Andre - and first appeared on the popularity charts in 1971.

More Inspiration:

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