Deandre: baby boy name meaning and popularity


A modern combination of the name Andre (meaning “manly”) with the prefix “de” which essentially means “of,” as in “son of.” So the meaning can be seen as “son of Andre” … or “son of manly” if you wanna be less specific about it.


De, Andre, Dre.

Famous people named Deandre:

A ton of football players: DeAndre Levy, Deandre' Eiland, De'Andre Presley, DeAndre McDaniel, DeAndre Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, and DeAndre Wright; basketball players DeAndre Kane and DeAndre Jordan; singer DeAndre Brackensick.

Fun facts:

The name Deandre has several forms - including DeAndre and D'Andre - and first appeared on the popularity charts in 1971.

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