Elijah: baby boy name meaning and popularity


From Hebrew, its literal meaning is “The Lord is God.” And it sounds extra fun and fancy with that “zhhh” sound the “j” makes.


The only nickname is Eli, but you can come up with something else, right? Like Pumpkin Head, maybe? You’ll just have to look at him and decide.

Famous people named Elijah:

Actors Elijah Wood and Elijah Kelley; politicians Elijah Brigham, Elijah Mills, and Elijah Morse; NFL player Elijah Pitts.

Fun fact:

According to the Social Security Administration, the first recorded use of the name Elijah was October 9, 1864. By 1880, it had gained popularity, given to 100 newborn babies. And its highest year of popularity ever was in 2011, when 13,955 babies in the United States were given that name.

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