Elmo: Baby Name Meaning And Origin Explained


Elmo is globally known as a character on the popular children's show "Sesame Street". Aside from an association with the fuzzy, red monster with a falsetto voice, the name Elmo has a very vibrant origin! In Italian it means "helmet, protection." It's also known to be a derivative of Erasmus and the old Italian diminutive Ermo.

Famous people named Elmo:

Elmo, the lovable Sesame Street character; Saint Elmo, the patron saint of sailors;  St. Elmo Brady (1884–1966), the first African American to obtain a Ph.D.; Elmo Langley (1928-1996), longtime safety car driver in NASCAR; Elmo Kennedy O'Connor (1994-) American rapper, known professionally as Bones

Fun fact:

Elmo, Sorano is a village in the province of Grosseto in Tuscany. Elmo, Missouri, is a city in in the U.S. that you definitely want to check in on Facebook.

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