Jack: baby boy name meaning and popularity


Technically a nickname for John, meaning “God is gracious,” Jack can also be used as a nickname for Jacob or the French name Jacques, but its popularity as a standalone name proves that it stands strong all on its own. You go ahead and name your kid whatever the hell you want, nickname or no! *fist bump*


I mean, you could go with Jackie (as in Robinson)? But remember: Jack itself is a nickname, so it’s hard to shorten.

Famous people named Jack:

Famous Jacks: Jack Be Nimble, Jack in the Beanstalk, Little Jack Horner … oh wait. Novelists Jack Kerouac and Jack London; actors Jack Nicholson, Jack Webb, and Jack Palance; Jack Dawson from Titanic, who damn well should’ve fit on that floating door.

Fun fact:

President John F. Kennedy’s nickname was Jack.

More Inspiration:

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