Jacob: baby boy name meaning and popularity


Like James, Jacob is derived from the old Latin Iacomus (you can see why it morphed into so many better names, can’t you?), meaning “holder of the heel” and also “supplanter.” Supplant means “to trip up or overthrow,” which is exactly what having kids does to your best-laid parenting plans, no matter what you name them.


Jake is pretty much all we’ve got. Unless you wanna go with Cob? *shrug*

Famous people named Jacob:

Actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Jacob Vargas, Jacob Tremblay, and Jacob Handy; singers Jacob Sartorius and Jacob Whitesides.

Fun facts:

Dustin Hoffman, Danny Devito, Jon Bon Jovi, Courtney Thorne-Smith, and Willie Nelson all have sons named Jacob.

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