Jaxon: baby boy name meaning and popularity


This name is literally Jackson with the middle “cks” removed. Like Jackson, it means “son of Jack.” The “x” is just a trendier way of spelling a very classic name, but the two fewer letters may come in handy when your kid is learning to write his name — it’ll take him ten minutes instead of fifteen, maybe. And you could spell it this way if you don’t want people calling him Jack. Although let’s be honest, somebody still will.



Famous people named Jaxon:

Cartoonist Jaxon (real name: Jack Edward Jackson); guitarist Jaxon Benge; voice actor Jaxon Lee; football player Jaxon Shipley.

Fun fact:

In a testament to its trendy nature, Jaxon has currently jumped to #41 on the list, up from #153 ten years ago.

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