John: baby boy name meaning and popularity


The English form of the Latin form of the Greek name Iohannes (confused yet?), John means “God is gracious.” We all know a John, and its popularity as a name passed from one family member to another keeps it consistently in the top tier of the list. (In fact, it held the very top spot for literally hundreds of years!) It is also synonymous with toilets and men who hire prostitutes, but it’s still popular, which says a lot about its staying power.


Johnny, Jack (I know … weird).

Famous people named John:

Former Presidents John Adams and John F. Kennedy; pro wrestler John Cena; Biblical figure John the Baptist; actors Johnny Depp and John Travolta; singer John Legend; novelist John Steinbeck, and the list goes on and on and on and on.

Fun fact:

There are equally popular versions of John in many other languages: Juan in Spanish, Giovanni in Italian, Jan in Slavic, Jean in French, Johann in German, Ivan in Russian, etc. It’s among the most common names in English-speaking, Persian, and European countries alike.

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