Joseph: baby boy name meaning and popularity


Derived from the Hebrew word “yoseph,” which means “adds or increases.” And that’s exactly what your little Joseph will do: add immeasurably to your life. And your laundry pile. And your grocery bill.


Joe, Joey, Jojo, Jos, Bro-seph.

Famous people named Joseph:

Politician Joe Biden; actors Joseph Fiennes and Joseph Gordon-Levitt; composer Joseph Haydn; famed baseball player Joe DiMaggio; and of course, Joey Tribbiani from Friends (how YOU doin’?).

Fun facts:

The name Joseph holds appeal the world over — it’s not only a consistent favorite American name (it holds strong in the top 20, minus two years starting in 2014), but has versions in many other languages (such as Josef, Jose, Giuseppe, and Josepheronimous — okay, the last one might be made up).

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