Kai – Scary Mommy


This name is of Hawaiian origin, meaning “sea.” And like the sea, you’ll never want to turn your back on little Kai, lest he overwhelm you with his destructive powers. Because, toddlers.


You can’t really shorten Kai. Sorry if you can’t be bothered to say a whole three-letter name.

Famous people named Kai:

Actors Kai Lennox, Kai Owen, Kai Alexander, Kai Chapman, and Kai Caster; jazz musician Kai Winding; radio journalist Kai Ryssdal.

Fun fact:

Kai means a lot of different things in a lot of different languages: in Japanese, “ocean,” “shell,” “restoration,” and “recovery”; in Chinese, “triumph,” and “open”; in Basque, “pier of a harbor”; in Swedish, “rejoice”; and in Thai, “chicken.”

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