Kaiden: baby boy name meaning and popularity


Another spelling variant of the spelled-a-million-ways name Caden, which means either “battle” or “friend” (expert opinions are divided on this one). Sticking an “i” in the middle is great and all, but just remember that the more letters in his name, the more excruciatingly slow the process of learning to write it will become.



Famous people named Kaiden:

Because of the relatively new, unique spelling, there aren’t many notable Kaidens yet — maybe yours will be the first!

Fun fact:

The “Aiden” family of rhyming names — i.e., Jayden, Kaiden, Braydon, and all their various spellings — make up a disproportionately-hefty portion of the top 1000 most popular boys’ names.

More Inspiration:

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