Caden: baby boy name meaning and popularity


A variant of the name Caden, but nobody’s exactly in agreement on what it means. Some say it’s derived from the Gaelic name Callan, meaning “battle,” while others claim it’s derived from the Arabic name Kadin, meaning “friend.” So whether your little Kayden is going to be a lover or a fighter is really anyone’s guess.


Kayd. Then you can introduce him like, “This is our Kayd,” and people will think his name is “Arcade.” Or, you know, not.

Famous people named Kayden:

Junior chess champion Kayden Troff; actor/model Kayden Boche; singer Kayden Stephenson.

Fun fact:

In recent years, Kayden has enjoyed a spot in the top 100 most popular names for Wales, Scotland, and England.

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