Lars: Baby Name Meaning And Origin Explained


Lars is a popular Dutch name and is derived from the Roman name Laurentius, meaning "from Laurentum" or "crowned with laurel." It's also associated with the Old Greek word Lavrenti meaning "bright one, shining one." An alternative opinion online argues the Scandinavian translation of the Latin word “Laurentius,” which means, literally, “man from the place of laurel,” but also, metaphorically, “victory.” Pick whichever one speaks to your heart! Below is the concise version of the above, for those in a time crunch: Dutch: Crowned with laurel Latin: Of Laurentum; man from the place of laurel Scandinavian: Victorious"

Famous people named Lars:


Fun fact:

Lars is a family name in the "Star Wars" film series, a branch of the Skywalker family.
In the ancient world, laurel wreaths were the stuff of Olympians and Roman Emperors. 

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