Matthew: baby boy name meaning and popularity


The English form of Matthaios, a Greek form of the Hebrew name Mattityahu, meaning “gift of Yahweh.” And your little Matthew will definitely be a gift, so remind yourself of that when he has a massive meltdown in the aisles of Target.


Mat, Matt, Matty.

Famous people named Matthew:

Actors Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Perry, Matthew Broderick, Matt Damon, and Matthew Lewis (who played Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter and then went through a major glow-up and became handsome AF … just saying); former NFL player Matt Leinart.

Fun fact:

The highest recorded use of the first name Matthew was in 1983, when a total of 50,207 babies were given that name. That’s a whole lotta “gifts of Yahweh.” Also: it might be a fun name to say every time you sneeze. I mean, try it for yourself and see.

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