Max: baby boy name meaning and popularity


A shorter form of the English name Maxwell or the German name Maximilian, take your pick. The word “max” itself is often short for “maximum,” which will suit your little boy well since little boys often operate on maximum speed and maximum volume, at the maximum amount of time.


You literally cannot get much shorter than Max, so you’ll have to call him something else for a nickname. Like Mommy’s Wittle Bitty Maxy-Waxy, maybe? No?

Famous people named Max:

Actors Max Thieriot, Max Greenfield, Max von Sydow, and Max Charles; football players Max Unger and Max Starks IV; Nobel Prize winners Max Born, Max Planck, Max Henning, and Max von Laue.

Fun fact:

Max is the main character (who causes a wild rumpus) in the beloved children’s book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

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