Merrick: baby boy name meaning and popularity


This is a name of mixed origins. It may derive from the Welsh name Meurig, which is a form of Maurice, meaning "dark-skinned" - or it may be comprised of the Germanic elements "mer" and "ric" meaning "fame" and "power" - or it may be from the Gaelic word "meurach" meaning "fork of a river." Tell your little Merrick that the "fork" part refers to a utensil and that means he can't eat with his fingers.


Mer, Rick, Ricky.

Famous people named Merrick:

U.S. Federal Judge Merrick Garland; lacrosse player Merrick Thomson; bassist Zack Merrick; pro golfer John Merrick.

Fun fact:

Merrick was the surname of Joseph Merrick, the Englishman whose congenital deformities gained him the infamous nickname "Elephant Man."

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