Tripp – Scary Mommy


This English word name is often used as a nickname for a third-generation namesake: i.e., Boomer Boris "Tripp" Bathhouser III. (Feel free to use "Boomer Boris" if you find Tripp too plain.) But Tripp is a great name whether he's the third of his name, or you just feel like you need to go on a trip after all this pregnancy and childbirth business.


Tripp itself is often used as a nickname.

Famous people named Tripp:

Olympic swimmer Tripp Schwenk III; guitarist Tripp Eisen; golfer Tripp Isenhour III; tennis player Tripp Phillips III.

Fun fact:

There are towns called Tripp in South Dakota, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Perhaps your little Tripp would like to take a trip to Tripp? HAHA.

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