Ty: baby boy name meaning and popularity


Once only a diminutive of Tyson or Tyler or any other Ty- name, people are now just cutting to the chase and naming their son Ty by itself. They probably just realized how much time they could save in teaching their little Ty to write his (easy, two-letter) name.


It's two letters already. Let's not be lazy, mmkay?

Famous people named Ty:

Actors Ty Burrell, Ty Panitz, Ty Hodges, and Ty Schuette; carpenter and TV personality Ty Pennington; baseball hall of famer Ty Cobb; rodeo cowboy Ty Murray; singer Ty Herndon; rapper Ty Dolla Sign (real name: Tyrone Griffin, Jr).

Fun fact:

Ty, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of plush toys in the world, responsible for Beanie Babies, and founded by Ty Warner in 1986.

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