Vance: baby boy name meaning and popularity


Originally a surname indicating someone who lived near an area of marshland, so don't be surprised if your little Vance wants to squish through every puddle of mud he sees. Let's be real, though - he'll probably do that no matter what his name is.



Famous people named Vance:

U.S. politicians Vance Plauché, Vance McAllister, and Vance Hartke; novelist Vance Palmer; astronaut Vance Brand; musician/actor (and brother of Ellen) Vance DeGeneres; baseball players Vance Worley and Vance Law.

Fun fact:

Despite its popularity as a first name, Vance can still be seen as a surname today. As a last name, it has appeared in "NCIS," "The Office," "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories" and the Harry Potter series.

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